If you have a small garden you might feel that the size restricts what you are able to do with it.  This is not true as there are a number of advices that you should consider to turn your small garden into the ultimate outdoor space. You can choose among these ideas to ensure the get the garden that you truly desire to have.

Always Have A Plan

Before you start changing your garden you need to have a plan to ensure the idea suits you needs.  The first step in your plan is to determine what your garden will be used for.  Once you know how and for what you will use it, you can start planning what to add or take out and how this will enhance your indoor living areas as well.

Stunning Ideas For A Small Garden

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Thinking About Privacy

If you have a small garden you will want to have privacy from your neighbors when you use it.  If possible, you should consider the fencing of to block out unwanted attention. If you share a common fence with a neighbor you might have no say in how high it can be, but you will be able to cover up from your side.

Stunning Ideas For A Small Garden

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Trellises combined with climbing plants can offer you the privacy you want while also enhancing the overall feel of the garden. You could also consider hedge type plants, but very small gardens generally do not have the space these plants require.

Think About The Furniture

It is not only the fencing and plants in your garden that you should be considering but the garden furniture as well. The most popular types of garden furniture are made from cast iron and wicker. If you are on a tight budget then cast iron is the best option and they are ideal for small gardens as they are sleek with open rods for increased space. They can also be easily moved around when you need to use the garden for something else.

Stunning Ideas For A Small Garden

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Ideally, you will want a table with 2 to 4 chairs depending on the size of the garden and your family.  If you wanted, you could add a fireplace to the garden and have a table with 2 chairs around this.  Even if you do not expect to spend much time sitting in the garden it is a good idea to have at least 1 chair should someone visiting want to.

Beautification Of The Garden

Practical aspects like furniture and privacy are important, but you also need to consider how you will make the garden beautiful. You might want to consider getting garden ornaments or some form of yard art. Of course, you need to ensure that you do not have too many ornaments as this will make the small space seem even smaller. A good idea is to have one or two large items instead of having a range of smaller ones.

Stunning Ideas For A Small Garden

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If you have a narrow area in your garden you could consider adding a small bridge and rocks below to add some depth. If your garden has the space you might even consider installing a small pond or a fountain which can be individualized by changing the base structure. To have this done, you will have to use a mini digger so make sure you plan for it in your budget. Although there are mini diggers for sale, you will obviously want to rent one to reduce your costs. Take other costs into account too, as if you want to have sculptures, vases and figurines also puts a strain on the budget. Besides spicing up the landscape.

Stunning Ideas For A Small Garden

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Most people assume that plants are the best route to take to increase the beauty of their garden. You should actually be careful with this as theme gardens are often best for small spaces. With a theme garden, you should plant certain types of flowers that add to the overall décor of the space. For example, amaryllis bulbs produce very colorful flowers so make sure it doesn’t clash with the surroundings.

Stunning Ideas For A Small Garden

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If you want the garden to look larger than it is you might want to invest in a garden mirror.  Adding this to one side of the garden increases the visual size and adds a touch of uniformity. Another aspect of beautification is to consider the lighting in the garden. Having the right lighting can make you garden appear larger in the evening and turn it into a grand affair.

Stunning Ideas For A Small Garden

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Author Bio

Article provided by Jason Haze a copywriter working in the construction industry. Advices and consultations were provided by the mini digger specialists from SJH-All Plant Group, one of the companies he works with.