Go To National Park Kruger To Feel The Atmosphere Of African Nature

National Park is a protected natural area or semi-owned by the government of a country. Construction projects, exploitation of natural resources and changing field are prohibited in this area, allowing its use for recreational and environmental activities. Nature knows how to surprise us with its unusual landscapes.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park is a reserve that offers experience the real qualities of Africa. Untouched nature and unpredictability of wild offer you an unforgettable experience. This national park is the largest in South Africa and globally recognized as one of the best locations for safari. Kruger National Park has an area of 19 485 km2 is one of the largest national parks in the world. North and south of the park is limited by rivers Limpopo or otherwise known Crocodile River.

River in Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, Buffalo

In the National Park Kruger live the most attractive African animals, such as rhinos, leopards, elephants and buffaloes. “Kruger” is the largest reserve of the Black continent and there are over 500 different types of birds, 150 mammals and 100 species of reptiles. There is recorded one of the most famous clips on You Tube, titled “Battle at Kruger”, showing conflict between Lion Pride, two crocodiles and a herd of buffalo. The video has been watched over 75 million times.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Boabab tree, Kruger National Park

African Wild Dog - Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, South Africa

There are just a few places on earth where you can see impala, hyenas, hippos, gazelles, giraffes and many other interesting African species. National Park “Kruger” is a point on the map of South Africa that can boast with such a rich biodiversity. It represents one of the most entertaining places on Earth.

Grazing giraffes, Kruger National Park

Lake Panic, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Almost daily, the visitors of the reserve and photographers who want adventure take beautiful images that testify about interesting situations that are part of life of the residents of Kruger. So, we recommend you if you have chance to visit the National Park Kruger and to feel the atmosphere of the beautiful African nature.

Skukuza camp, Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park, South Africa

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