The 100 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World in Pictures (part 1)

From majestic waterfalls, and lost cities, to mysterious landmarks and natural wonders, here is a collection of pictures which is worth to be looked on. Feel free to share your favorites destinations!

Aogashima Volcano, Japan


Petra, Jordan


Hiller lake(pink lake), Western Australia

Scientists have proven the strange pink color is due to the presence of algae which is usually the cause of strange coloration. (Photo by Jean Paul Ferrero/Ardea/Caters News)


Chittorgarh Fort, India


Cinque Terre, Rio Maggiore, Italy


Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland


Mamanuca Islands, Fiji




Giant’s Causeway, Ireland


Glass Beach, California, USA


Glow worm cave, New Zealand


Big Island, Hawaii, USA


Pamukkale, Turkey

Hot springs spilling over rock terraces. A UNESCO world heritage site.


Santorini, Greece


Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Fingal’s Cave, Scotland


St. Lucia


Venice, Italy


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA


Zion National Park, Utah, USA


Great Blue Hole is a large submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize


Horsetail Falls, Yosemite National Park


Hvitserkur, North Iceland


Panjin Red Beach, China


Sea Cliffs, Etretat, France



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  • fredoche35

    Wrong : #8 It’s not “Galapagos Islands, Ecuador”, but “Palau island”

    • youramazingplaces

      Thanks for the info, As we search, the same picture appears in Galapagos and As Palau. We will change it. Thanks once again

      • terrorist96

        Lol you never changed it. Fail.

      • LOLthisADMINsoFUNNY

        1 year ago and still no change. Fail.

  • Alex
  • subash

    no napal photo…

    nepal is beautiful contry ..don’t forger nepal …..

    • gopal

      its not napal it’s nepal

      • Steave

        And u r gopal 😛

  • Nonhero916

    Awesome! But Glass Beach CA hasn’t looked that way in decades, it is so picked over now it is just a beach. It used to be beautiful!

  • MIGHTY WOMAN bite the flame

    The insanity of insane beauty. Whoa!

  • karan

    they talking about natural beauty not artificial crap

  • Ng Versin Wotin

    this i really amazing….

  • provacitu164

    only two photos about Italy? ridiculous.
    in italy there are hundreds of wonderful places.

    • John Galanoudis

      Hey, only 1 place about Greece, so don’t complain .

      • provacitu164

        because Greece is all the same, beach and sea. Italy has thousands of different landscapes … not to be confused with the iron gold.

        • John Galanoudis

          Hey, Ignoramus, I feel sorry for you ! When you say ” Greece is all the same”, I suggest you visit Greece and then open your mouth !

        • Tanya Lake

          Because Greece is just all beaches & sea… smh… as John
          Galanoudis has mentioned… what an ignoramus… small minded people are
          very annoying.

    • gaga

      yeah why arent there 100 pictures of italy!???

    • mohamed


  • Sujit Khanal

    hey u forget Nepal is world most beautiful country? Come and see Nepal and you will found what’s the pearl inside NEPAL.

  • john

    You forgot La Alhambra, Granada, the most beautiful place in Spain

  • DavyJones1

    The first picture entitled ‘Fingal’s cave; is actually the Giants causeway in the north of Ireland. It contains thousands of hexagonal basalt coiumns very similar to the those of Fingal’s cave across the Irish sea in Scotland. Hence it gave rise to the mythological tale of the Giant’s Causeway (or pathway) to scotland

  • syed naiem

    If there is paradise on the world, it is this, it is this (Kasmir, india)

    • Fatimah

      Soo true all this is nothing compared to Kashmir sadly a lot of its beauty is getting destroyed with all the fighting but Kashmir is the heaven on Earth especially in Fanaa(movie)

    • Fatimah

      I swear Kashmir is the best place to live in India sadly it’s filled with a great amount of violence due to the fights but if there is heaven in Earth it’s in Kashmir. It’s so beautiful MashaAllah especially in the movie Fanaa

      • Tanya Lake

        If people want to live in harmony then they have to STOP fighting. Wars never solve a thing. People get hurt or killed. That is not a nice place if men just fight each other… it is hell on earth. It is only a beautiful place if it’s peaceful & harmonious & the people are kind to each other. This world need a huge reality check because last time I looked, places where there is unrest are not beautiful; far from it in fact. We all need to push for world peace. We don’t have to love everybody but we can live in peace.

  • Seb

    The Glass Beach is a sign of major pollution where broken bottles and piece of glass were eroded in the sea and washed back on land. And you find that beautiful??!?

    • me

      its pretty

  • Namals Namal


  • Namals Namal

    try to visit and see what GOD has gifted us , u must feeling about him and u must love god …DO U LOVE GOD …BE WITH HIM…

  • Mitchell Milner

    BIG Island not IG Island

  • Calimero

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures!
    One small remark: the springs in Turkey are in Pamukkale (not Pamukkule)

    • youramazingplaces

      Thanks for the notice :)

  • fawz.a

    And who created all of this..Surely Allah is the most greatest.

  • Somebody

    #9 is wrong. It’s not “Fingals Cave, Scotland” But it is “Giant’s Causeway, Ireland”

    • youramazingplaces

      Thanks for the notice, we corected it :)

      • pakman

        It is actually “Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland”. Let’s get the country right.

  • Jose Chirri
  • Chicolata24

    Sud Lipez volcanos en Bolivia

  • Jaak
    • Tanya Lake

      Jaak… this is beautiful. Is this Greenland??

  • berta

    love this places!!!

  • Zeeshan Ali Basbasah

    very nice most beautiful places

  • Fatimah

    Dubai is very pretty but it’s not natural but it’s also NOT crap that city is worth billions

    • Shinesbrightlikeadiamond61

      Not necessarily something that is worth billions is pretty.

  • pushkar malla

    admin u need to go nepal for neatural picture..

    • samundra

      good job bro…. nepal has lots of such places too

    • Tanya Lake

      Just a majestic beautiful place. Wow!!

  • tee.tobgay

    You should see bhutan…small country in hemalaya…..sometimes known as last shangrila….I’m sure you will like it…this place is known to very few people

  • splllda

    you forget swat, lake saiful malooq, kaghan , naaran ,kashmir. pakistan

  • Cheekybanana

    for part one it is already amazing but where is the sydney deny opera house, sydney harbour bridge, great barrier reef and bondi beach? they are famous and amazing and pretty:)

  • Cheekybanana

    thanks for the info the pictures are great

  • Victor Victor


  • Ayub Balti

    you forget , amazing Pakistan…

  • claudiu_kristian

    You’re forgot the small villages in Romania.

  • Robert


  • provacitu164

    dubai? the city of plastic…come on shut up..

    • rani

      i like u very much………

  • provacitu164

    dubai is the city of plastic…come on…

    • harshit gupta

      I think Istanbul is also one of the most beautiful place in this world..
      It also shows in movie ek the tiger

  • Ravikumar Pediredla

    Scenic Beauty
    Covered the beautiful Sunset and 5 Bridges in a single video – Must watch

    • gnani

      Nice Place

  • razzak


  • Alon
  • gemma hen

    wheres the iom pics

  • gemma hen

    the grandstand should be on here surely

  • saroj k.c

    what about MT. Everest of nepal?

  • kovacs

    atlantis is artificial ….nothing to do with this naturally created beautiful shapes..

  • Tim Cray

    Photos are often defined by the quality of light they were taken in. As a consequence, photographers tend to shoot early in the morning or during late afternoons when the sun is lower, less contrasty and often displays a subtle colour palette of moody hue…

  • http://fb jay sharma


  • here’s comment

    Hey, don’t forget indonesian. There are many beautifull places you’ll meet there. Like kelimutu, way kambas, raja ampat islands, komodo island, mount bromo, bunaken marine park, toba lake, etc…

  • disqus_r51XnZM3Ak

    where the hell is bagan?

  • Julieanne F.

    Hey can you add some beautiful places from Philippines? Please. There are a lot,which are better than that places. ^_^.

  • Blake

    forgot Machu Picchu

  • مهدى محمودى

    بسيار زيباست

  • Ebina Lora SanTa

    cambodia . angkorwat

  • Ebina Lora SanTa

    sam man

  • Syed Mohibul Morshed

    “Sundorbon” in Bangladesh is also a beautiful amazing place in the world.

  • Michael

    List is quite biased towards established tourist spots. Not even a mention of Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland??? Don’t know about this one….

  • ALI Mujahid

    Pakistan Kashmir and kaghan valley,peice of heaven

  • abileweb

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    is 100% responsive and looks stunning on all types of screens and devices. This
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  • Guest

    Man-made is not the most amazing places on earth. Maybe the Taj Mahal or the Monasteries are built into the side of the Nepalese Mountains… yeah… they are beautiful.

  • Tanya Lake

    Man-made is not the most amazing places on earth. Maybe the Taj Mahal or
    the Monasteries that are built into the side of the Nepalese Mountains…
    yeah… they are beautiful.

  • Mahawa Komala

    beautiful places to visit hmmm I love them

  • Fardeen

    one of the best place is new zealand its so nice
    i have been there 6 times and never bored of it

  • Jean

    Top 10 Places You Should See Before You Die

  • Patel

    When you say Azad Kashmir, are you referring to terrorist camps, mass brain washing of children to become suicide bombers, place for American army to fight China? If you are not referring to these things, then you are probably talking about Kashmir occupied by India….

  • Patel

    Ya sure, then probably new delhi is Pakistan, too according to your definition.

  • Govinda Pd Bhattarai

    Where is Nepal? Don’t forget Nepal is the most beautiful country of this planet.

  • Goran


  • saramiranda

    I think that every country has own incredible thing. :)

  • Abbas Anjar

    what about Pakistan ? it does only consist terrorism! freak out people! it also consist BEAUTY! Karakorum range which is the * wonder of the world! and many more place! u people wouldn’t have ever seen!

  • Mic Justin

    Italy , Greece, Jorday, USA I love to visit these countries places

  • jose

    I like trains

  • jose

    I like trains.

  • mahsa

    Very nice , thanks !!

  • sasha


  • cal shummon

    The most Beautiful Place in the Universe is within A Beautiful Soul………..

  • Animesh Das

    include jaipur in india ..

  • Amritesh Kumar

    no kashmir is the heaven of the earth, who told u that nepal is the heaven of the earth wrong things huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shiva Hari Dahal

    Pokhara Nepal, on the Lap of Mount Fishtail.

  • Shamshoom

    An incredibly beautiful landscape is in Corfe, Dorset. Just like dreams and here is a great photo of the place

  • top10foryou

    All are beautiful place.. wish to visit there.

  • David Irons

    wow. Wonderful world.

  • The Silent Lord

    Thank you Mother Nature.

  • Cal Shummon

                                                   Prayer of the WORLD

    oh most holy,most all that’s beauty-my lord and savour,my only master,spirit of perfection,i beg of thee to strengthen my existence,to be bearer of your love and grace,to set my soul free of all that earthly be-to allow your reason,your mission,your way of honor,of respect,love,protection,of all that of your plan,for time is forever and of your mansion how awesome be.
    forgive my self assuredness ,my pride,forgive,the sin of not allowing your way -the only way lift my heart,let me always feel the presence of you and infuse thy holy spirit within every breath i take,everystep i take for all i forsake for thee.i love you holy commander;supreme architect of the universe
    i kneel and praise thee

  • Mor Samb

    So unfair not even one place in Africa in the first part, it’s just impossible because, Africa is well-known for it’s wild forests..

  • Anu

    Have you ever been to This heavenly place Nepal??? if not then you should probably shut up your mouth Ms.!! Or if you donot have any idea how beautiful my country is then you can simply google it… do have some idea before you speak up!!

  • Lucas Saud
  • top10foryou

    why doesn’t have any waterfall places? like 10 waterfall here:

  • Arooj Fatima

    I think u dn’t knw about azad kashmir,Pakistan.Its a heaven on earth.

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