Are you still not ready to spend $1,000 for a couple of days off? That’s the right decision! You do not need such financial expenses when there are excellent budget areas around the world.

But let’s get back to the tourist destinations that won’t leave your pockets empty. Yes, this is possible. We have prepared for you 10 tourist destinations that are in an affordable price category and offer relaxation for every taste.  If you are ready, then let’s get started.

1. Albania

A safe, exotic and hospitable country where clean beaches and sea waters, as well as good service, will meet all your expectations. That’s right, this is Albania. This is a small mountainous state, which over the past few years has established itself as an excellent alternative to traditional beach vacations in Spain, Italy, Greece or Croatia.

  • Camping is an interesting option for those who travel by car or love to spend the night in nature. Along the coast, there are several official campsites with prices starting at $10 per night. Such places have all the necessary infrastructure and amenities (up to the tent).
  • As for hostels, the amount per room will be from $15. There are accommodation options for absolutely any wallet.

10 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

2. Morocco

This North African country has everything to relax for every taste  – starting from beautiful cities, picturesque mountains, hot deserts and ending with clean beaches!

But to make this trip a budget one, you will have to think about your expenses in advance and replace the suitcase with hand luggage. And look for flights from Europe, thus it will be possible to save significantly.

10 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

As for food, it is better to avoid tourist restaurants and canteens as the prices are very high. But if you go to the market, you can save a lot but still buy fresh products. Making a visit to this country cheap is quite possible!

3. Colombia

Colombia is like the moon, which is always turned to those who look only on one side. But it has another side. This side is amazing too. On the contrary, tourists can see the beauty and originality of this Andean, Caribbean and Amazonian country.

10 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

Want to go to the volcano? Prefer the beach? Interested in architecture? And all this is in one country. As for pricing, it is very affordable.

  • For example, housing will cost you at least $ 20, and if you want to drink a glass of fresh beer it will cost only $3.

The peak tourist season lasts from December to February. It is worth paying attention that during this period, travel can be expensive so just visit this country in the low season.

4. Bali

Many people tend to think that this is a luxury resort. Yes, it is, but there is still the opportunity to visit this place on a budget.

Bali boasts not only magnificent beaches, mountains, and waterfalls, but also lush forests while the other islands of Indonesia suffered from human intervention and almost lost their forests.

10 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

There are a lot of temples, an interesting culture and centuries-old traditions that are very revered by the locals. The ocean attracts lovers of water sports. Mountains and rivers attract lovers of hiking and rafting. Each tourist will find a lot of interesting things for himself.

  • You can find housing starting at $10, and on average a snack will cost about $5.

5. Argentina

Argentina is one of the largest and most developed countries in Latin America. The homeland of samba and rumba, in addition to dancing, can still surprise tourists. There is a really wide selection of tourist routes and even high-class service at affordable prices. Due to the vast territory of Argentina, its climate is very diverse.

  • You can buy some food here for $4-6. Hostel prices start at $17, and hotel rooms start at $25.

10 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

6. Hungary

If you want to see the old streets and surroundings of the Middle Ages, Hungary can offer you this. Despite the large influx of tourists, prices are still quite affordable.

  • Prices for accommodation start at $12 per hostel bad, and from $20 per hotel room. Meal prices start at $5.

The location of Hungary on the European continent is a guarantee of a mild climate. There are hot summers and mild winters, so that traveling here even in the low tourist season will be quite comfortable.

10 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

7. China

Holidays in China are becoming more and more popular among tourists from many countries. Such a vacation can surprise and amaze even the most seasoned travelers. As for prices, there are options for any budget.

Perhaps the best time to travel around China is spring and autumn. Rains recede, heat and frost also decline. But you should not come during the celebration of the Chinese New Year, from October 1 to 7.

10 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

At this time, the Chinese do not work and actively travel around their country. This means that budget hotel rooms, tickets for the plane or train will not be available, and the city streets will be too overcrowded.

8. Ecuador

Ecuador is usually visited by lovers of exotic countries, divers and tourists eager to combine a beach holiday on the Pacific Ocean with a visit to local national parks. The country, by the way, is the leader in the number of parks and other natural wonders. You can buy a tour to the Galapagos, travel in the jungle, and climb volcanoes. Ecuador can offer all this to its guests.

10 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

The main difference of this country is that the culture of Spain is closely connected with the traditions and customs of the indigenous population. But Native American culture had a strong influence on songs and melodies.

  • Prices for accommodation start at $20, and meals will cost only $3,5.

9. Taiwan

The real Taiwanese lifestyle is a mixture of Chinese and Japanese traditions, perfected by the influence of the West. In addition to the amazing nature, favorable climate and delicious tea, tourists can visit unique monuments of the historical past.

10 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

It is better to travel from September to May because in the summer it is too hot here. The rainy season starts from late April to May.

  • As for pricing, a takeaway lunch can cost $3.27. If you consider lunch in a middle-class restaurant for two persons, then it will cost $22.
  • Prices for transportation services start at $0.68. We can conclude that here you can find an option for any budget.

10. Sri Lanka

This is a very popular destination among tourists. They come here for unique nature and ancient traditions, plus decent service for minimal money.

  • As for accommodation, you will pay $ 10 per hostel bad and $ 20 per hotel room. In principle, these are fairly affordable prices.
  • As for nutrition, you can buy food from $1.50.

10 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2019

Now you know that in order to relax it is absolutely not necessary to spend a lot of money. Choose a destination from our list and enjoy the beauties of another country even on a tight budget.

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