Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Garden Design

The traditional design is about using plants… and more plants, while contemporary has to do with fine edges and an uncluttered look. Some of the best gardens are shaped when elements from traditional and contemporary are blended to suit the landscape needs of your home.

Mediterranean Style

The classic Mediterranean garden is famous for its terracotta pots and jars, decorative pergolas providing shade from perfumed climbing plants, gravel floor for coping with little water, and succulent and drought-tolerant plants. The design promotes an ambiance that is extremely romantic and laid-back but practical.

Gardeners integrated contemporary features to the traditional design for the modern Mediterranean style garden.


Fragrant and heat-loving plants are important in a Mediterranean garden. Tranquil colors of grays, purples, and blue-greens are favored by growers and onlookers. Agaves, lavender, yucca, cistus, santolina, and Genista hispanica are some plants to consider.

Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Garden Design


Gravel floor

A trademark of Mediterranean gardens have lawns reduced on pathways to minimize the use of water and less time and effort to maintain. Gravel and well-contained ground covers are preferred for the flooring.

Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Garden Design

Photo by Lazar Landscape Design and Construction

Shaded seating areas

Pergolas provide a great way to unwind in the shade while enjoying the cool breeze. It is vital that the climbing plants cover these structures providing striking features and fragrance when you sit down and relax. Replace the traditional climbing plants of grapevines, ivy, and crimson glory vine on your pergola with wisteria, climbing roses, and Jasminum officinale all have divinely perfumed flowers.

Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Garden Design

Photo by Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design

Urban Jungle

Create a jungle in the city with your urban jungle garden. City space is limited so every inch of space counts. Pump those creative juices, be picky with your plants and accurate in your design to turn your outdated mini-garden into an oasis.

  • Lighting is important it enhances the beauty of the vegetation and surroundings and it brings the magic.
  • Consider tall plants in your garden it will give the impression of trees.
  • Plant different flowers for each season, you won’t run out of blooms the whole year.
  • Use stones and wood whenever you can natural materials will make you feel you’re in the countryside.
  • Bring life with colorful and modern furniture.
  • Maximize space by placing benches beside walls.
  • If space is long and narrow line it with plants.

A modern urban jungle garden doesn’t mean lots of plants and trimmings. A few items will do as long as it is well-manicured, well-spaced, and doesn’t clutter.

Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Garden Design

Photo by Abigail’s Gardens

Sunken Patio

Traditional gardens teem with nature’s bounty of verdant trees and shrubs and beautiful fragrant blooms. But, you can improve its features by adding a touch of contemporary inspiration to your landscape design.

Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Garden Design

Photo by E2 Homes Ltd

Consider a modern sunken patio amid your traditional garden. A patio is an area outside the house with a solid floor, no roof, and good for relaxing. This outdoor space will form the backbone of your garden, and if done right will improve the functionality of your space. Here are some patio ideas to help you figure out the design that will fit your landscape.

Keep it classic

Sandstone slabs create a generous area for a table and chairs, and pathways to the borders and raised beds. The elegant garden will serve as a classic backdrop for a timeless and peaceful setting. The benefit of this design lies in its simplicity, clean lines and simple colors create a mood of order and tranquility.

Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Garden Design

Photo by Sunbrella

Be innovative

Go against the norm that the floor of the patio should be square slabs. Try a curved or circular design that can make a real impact. Alternate rings of large and small pavers in two colors resonate with the circular pavement with a round glass table and sunken chairs. The lush greens and the lovely floral provides a fresh feel.

Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Garden Design

Photo by austin outdoor design

Consider large planters

For a small space where the entire floor is paved place large planters with oversized greenery and raised plant beds on every side of the garden. A bench underneath the bed leaves the place uncluttered.

Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Garden Design

Photo by Andrew R. Abrecht Photography

Scandinavian Design

The northernmost part of Scandinavia has 60 days of the growing season and the rest are covered by the winter months. So what do you expect from their garden?

They do not fuss over plants, self-sowing vegetation is rampant, manicured lawns – not so much. Scandinavian gardens are simple, minimalist, formal, and ornate; and more focused on woodland gems.

Live outdoors

Sunlight is rare, enjoy a lot of UV rays on the patio spending solitude or with the company. Creepers and potted plants will make the space homely. A book or magazine and simple furniture will help while away the time in comfort.

Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Garden Design

Photo by Ксения Рóзанцева | Творческая группа «Оcóбинка»


Spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon with family enjoying a meal seated on white wooden furniture. Curtains can keep the sun away or enjoy some privacy. Use natural and recycled materials for furniture. Produce planters from weathered wood, old benches, and metals and mother nature will smile on you.

Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Garden Design

Photo by Maxine Schnitzer Photography


Take a minimalist approach to landscape the garden, allow pathways and fences to blend with the natural surroundings. Let plants grow wild, leave seed pods in place after blooms are spent, encourage plants to grow in cracks or in every nook and cranny. Avoid pruning let your plants grow naturally don’t waste time coddling weaklings.

Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Garden Design

Photo by Zetterman Garden Design AB

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