There’s no better way to experience the beauty of nature than having a close encounter with it and by feeling the earth right under your feet. Yes, you guessed it right, here, we are referring to walking. Undoubtedly, walking offers innumerable health benefits, but, very few know that walking holidays can be one of the best natural therapies you can get to release the inner stress and enjoy tranquillity.

So, why not take a serene guided group walking holiday which can be made even better with amazing holiday cottages offered by the companies like “Blue Chip” and many more,  to head towards 2017 in a healthy manner. Here is a list of top 10 walking holidays that you can enjoy in 2017:

Atacama Desert, Chile

The walking holiday in the Chile in the Atacama Desert, which is the driest place on earth is amazing, as one can explore salt flats, volcanoes, canyons and hike up to the glaciers in the National Park located in Patagonia.

The 10 Best Walking Holidays for 2017

Vast East of Iceland

Some parts of the Iceland are ideal for walking holidays, especially in the east. An eight day long guided trip in the region gives you an opportunity to explore some of the most astounding flora and fauna, and you might also spot a reindeer or pink-footed geese.

The 10 Best Walking Holidays for 2017

Rila and Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers the visitors one of the finest yet least known hill-walking holidays in Europe. The Rila and Pirin ranges are home to rare wildlife, pine forests, the vast panoramas of the glacial lakes and some of the colourful and intricate frescoes.

The 10 Best Walking Holidays for 2017

Sibillini Mountains, Italy

Around 130 Km north-east of Rome, on the border between Marche and Umbria, lies the Sibilini mountains, which offer an astonishing opportunity to nature lovers to explore the rare wildlife including Marsican brown bear and grey wolf along with the antique hill villages of Italy. The medieval town of Norcia, which is one of the primary destinations of walking holidays in this region, is a gastronomic heaven.

GR10, French Pyrenees

While it is world-class trail stretching up to 538 miles along the length of the Pyrenees on the French side, but, the best place to enjoy a walking holiday is the incredible 48,000 metres ascent. This 8 day long walking holiday covers the stretch between the spa towns of Bagnères-de-Luchon and Cauterets, where you can relax your aching muscles.

The 10 Best Walking Holidays for 2017

Valais, Switzerland

Home to the Matterhorn, snowy peaks and vineyards, the high passes of Valais offer scenic walking holidays to the nature lovers. The trek starts from the Bernese Oberland, and passing through Kanderfirn Glacier, Gemmi Pass, it leads to the spa town of Leukerbad where visitors can indulge into thermal baths.

The 10 Best Walking Holidays for 2017

Historic Bavaria, Germany

Germany has several well-established walking trails with a strong hiking culture and a wide array of locations to choose from. One can witness immense natural beauty while tasting some of the best food & wine during their walking holidays in Germany.

The 10 Best Walking Holidays for 2017

Glaciers and Fjords of Norway

Walking and hiking in Norway during the summer can be an unbelievably uplifting experience. The walking holidays in this classic Scandinavian mountain country can help you unwind yourself and release all the stress while rejuvenating in nature.

Haute Route Trek Across the Alps

The Haute Route surfs across the Europe’s top starting from Chamonix to Zermatt, through an implausibly splendid mountainscape including the Matterhorn and the Mount Blanc.

The 10 Best Walking Holidays for 2017

Crossing Catalonia, Spain

The walking trail across the crossing Catalonia, Spain combines completely diverse geographic types to give the hikers an experience of the life time. You can explore the Garrotxa Volcanic zone, the lovely lakes Banyoles and a sparkling coastal stretch all in a walking holiday.

The 10 Best Walking Holidays for 2017

These are the top 10 walking holidays across the globe, but apart from these, there are many other scenic destinations worldwide which can be explore by walking.