When designing a home that’s along the coastline, then you must have coziness, beauty, ease, and above all, a perfect coastal theme. Whether you just bought your first beach home or you are looking to upgrade your existing one, you will greatly benefit from our 10 modern, classic, and trendy décor ideas.

Whiten your walls

Primarily, you should paint the walls of your beach home in order to make it shiny and bright. Because the beach climate is mostly warm, white walls prevent you from excessive heating because white has impeccable reflective abilities. It also creates a sense of blissfulness, calmness, and clarity.

10 Coastal Design Tips

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Your bedding should be white as well, although you should avoid excessively heavy blankets and bed sheets because they can cause too much unnecessary heat.

Make the beach your focal point

Unlike in mainland houses where you need to create an artificial focal point- for example, the picture wall, your beach house will work just fine with the coastal views outside as your focal point. By all means, have the windows to every room large enough to give every occupant the perfect view of the beach.

10 Coastal Design Tips

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Blend different coastal colors

Although your primary interior colors should be white, your secondary colors should be bright and bold. Think of anything from yellow, turquoise, palm leaf green, orange, and any other beach-appropriate color. If you need ideas of which colors to incorporate in your home, just look at the color of your beach vacation costume and you will get a clear idea of what we are saying.

10 Coastal Design Tips

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Light, light, and more light

Natural lighting has immense benefits to any home’s interiors, regardless of its location. However, the importance of letting the sunlight shine into your beach home cannot be overemphasized. It makes your beach home feel airy and bigger than it actually is. Ensure that your curtains are sheer- for your bedroom windows, porch, and living room- in order to boost your privacy even as you let in the light.

10 Coastal Design Tips

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Get bold with bamboo

Bamboo looks beautiful and sassy when blended with literally any beach color, particularly turquoise, palm leaf green, and white. Using this coastal tree to make chairs and other light furniture will inject an unbeatable coastal vibe. And, for what it is worth, bamboo would make the most affordable, textural wall décor for your beach home. It is very versatile.

10 Coastal Design Tips

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Beach art

Thrill your beach house walls with a stunning cloudy sunset going into the ocean, beach landscape prints, and contemporary seascape art canvas, among other varied beach art options. Display collectibles such as coral, shells, and fishing floats in your home, but be careful not to overdo it. Going overboard with your beach art can easily turn your house into a disorganized, seaside souvenir shop.

10 Coastal Design Tips

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Inject romance into the bedrooms

You may never know what else will happen when vacationing with your lover, but you cannot rule out the romantic vibe that the beach climate brings. I mean, who even dresses up on the beach? To optimize your romantic weekend getaways in your beach cottage, ensure that every room oozes romance. Elegantly cascading drapes on the windows, white bedding, painted wood ceilings, and wrought iron bed frames with wicker headboards are some of the design ideas that would inject romance in your beach house bedrooms.

10 Coastal Design Tips

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Don’t forget historical designs

As much as you want your cottage to look contemporary and sophisticated, it would be wrong to forget injecting the historical charm that comes with vacations. Historical pieces of furniture, historical paintings and carvings, and analog electronics will all make your vacation experience extra special. Remember that the whole idea of vacation is to get a completely different experience from urban life you are accustomed to.

10 Coastal Design Tips

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Nautical ropes are great!

Rope cabinets, rope coasters, hanging rope beds, and any other interwoven ropes display would be great for your beach house. They are contemporary yet traditional and, as a matter of fact, they can help you achieve the romantic display that you want to mount for your lover.

10 Coastal Design Tips

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A coastal kitchen

White wooden kitchen cabinets will accentuate your home’s coastal vibe while natural stone countertops make it easy for you to keep the kitchen sparkling clean. Kitchen vents that are built into your cooktop or counter, on the other hand, will give you a perfect view of the coastline without compromising on the functionality of your kitchen.

10 Coastal Design Tips

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