No matter what line of industry you are working in, your office has to be something special, containing all the necessities required for your work and providing you a peaceful, quiet and calm area where you spend a significant amount of time. That is why so many different types of office designs just do not work for some people – having too big a desk or cabinets that are not spacious enough can really kill your vibe and may negatively affect your working mode. Because of this, a number of professionals do not have a good time at their jobs and, not realizing that it is actually their immediate environment that is the cause of this, cannot find out why their working experience is unsatisfactory. The business niche you are in will massively impact your location decision, but a successful tech start-up doesn’t necessarily need to be based in London or Silicon Valley to yield results. In recent years The Netherlands has become home to multinational tech corporations such as Amazon, Tesla, Uber, and Netflix. With Amsterdam’s price of office space per square metre, almost 2 thirds cheaper than London’s West End, it’s no wonder businesses are clambering for affordable offices for rent in Amsterdam. With larger spaces available at a much cheaper rate you can afford to be more flexible with your office configurations. Include a meeting room so you don’t need to hire one or you don’t need to meet clients in coffee shops, (all expenses that soon add up). When you are getting more bang for your buck, you can design a space that will meet your business’s needs for the foreseeable future. Saving further costs on future office moves.

Start Fresh

First of all, remember how your painters work once they come to your home? They take everything out of the room and then start with the paint job, but not because they love lifting heavy things, cramming them into the next room and then getting them back in the first one – they do it because a clean room gives them more perspective and is easier to handle and manipulate. The same goes with the designing process.

Designing Your Office Space on a Budget

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So, what you need to do take every single piece of furniture out of your office and start fresh. Do not put in any unnecessary stuff and be sure to prioritize: do you really need three cupboards or are two enough, and is that extra large sofa truly what you cannot work without? This will provide you with a chance to stay on the budget and not cross the line you have set for yourself. Once you are given a selection, you will be better at making decisions and thus organize your space a little bit better.


You cannot work nor have a functional office without a couple of vital items and pieces of furniture that are not there for your commodity or extravaganza but are basic needs for you to perform some actual work. Those are, in short, a desk, a chair, filing cabinets, storage area, technological devices and desk accessories

Designing Your Office Space on a Budget

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When trying to decorate at a low cost, you need to be extra careful with the choices. For example, you do not have to purchase a top quality desk that will cost more than $50 and, no matter how vital it is, you will soon realize that even a simpler and less costly choices will do the job. Also, stay away from name brand office chairs that promise you back support and ergonomic features and try to look into used chairs from companies that have gone out of business – they are just as good, but much cheaper. Finally, try Ikea: they combine quality, variety of options and reasonable prices.


When redecorating your office, there are basically two options – do it yourself or call in a professional decorator. However, while you need experts when you change the size of your office – do not try to do this alone, but be sure to contact commercial builders who will do it for you – this is a task you can handle on your own.

Designing Your Office Space on a Budget

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The thing about accessories and decorations is that they have to reflect who you are, what you do, what your attitude towards your position is and, ultimately, the goals of your company and what it strives towards. So in order to combine personal and professional touch, you are the person most adequate to do this job. A good office space sparks creativity and makes you more productive, so be sure to add details that will do that, whether it is a plant, some artworks, pictures of your family and friends, a couple of personal items to take inspiration from, and so on. Do not remove absolutely everything that reminds you of your family and personal life – you need to be focused on work, but also remember that you are a human being with a life outside or work; this attitude is healthier and more effective.

The Results

What do you visualize when you think of an ideal office? Furthermore, how many times are you in a position to organize something completely according to your preferences? Take the opportunity of designing your own office space and combine your budgeting skills with your desires.

Designing Your Office Space on a Budget

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