Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. It’s the time of year that we come together with our family and friends and celebrate another year together. There are the usual traditions like exchanging presents and eating all the traditional fare, not to mention drinking some (or many) Christmas drinks!

There is so much fanfare about Christmas that if you don’t decorate your living or work space with some themed items you are probably one of the many few! Decorating your home, no matter what size doesn’t have to cost a fortune but it will really help to set the scene for all your festive fun.

Try to get organized in advance, even just after the Christmas period if you are new to a home as that’s when you will pick up some amazing bargains. Visit the more exclusive homeware stores that have the decorations at extortionate prices in the run up to the big day but who are then in a rush to get rid of them after Christmas. You will pick up high quality pieces that will end up lasting you a lengthy time.

If you are new to decorating, try to pick a theme or a schematic color. For example, you may decide that you will predominantly decorate with gold and red which are very complementary colors. Some people prefer to go for silver, whites and greys and for others the more multi-colored the better! Whatever is your style but stick to it consistently throughout the home to really pack a punch!

10 Creative Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Home

This list from is a guide to some ideas for something different to try with your Christmas decorations this year. Check it out below!