For a vast number of tourists traveling is not only an opportunity to see the sights of a certain city, but also to taste national dishes directly on the territory of their origin, to try the food prepared by unique recipes and taste wine or other drinks directly at the place of their produce.

After all, the overall impression of the particular city or even country largely depends on the food we try there. Now you will get detailed instructions on what dishes of local cuisine you should try while visiting Verona and what places to choose for that.

TOP 10 Verona specialties

The local cuisine of Verona has implemented many ancient secrets and traditions. The art of preparing traditional dishes has been kept through the work of the local cooks who pass on their secrets across the generations. So, what specialties should you try in Verona?

1. Gnocchi – small oblong pieces of boiled dough. It has been a traditional kind of pasta since the Roman times.

10 Most Delicious Verona Specialties & Best Places to Try Them

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2. Bigoli – regional homemade spaghetti served with sardines. Traditionally, duck eggs and buckwheat flour are used for the preparation of this kind of pasta.

3. Pastissada de caval – horsemeat stew cooked with addition of the red wine.

4. Polenta gialla – thick porridge made of finely crushed corn.

10 Most Delicious Verona Specialties & Best Places to Try Them
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5. Lesso con la peara – boiled meat with pepper sauce.

6. Risotto al tastasal – rice with pieces of roasted pork.

7. Pandoro – a traditional dessert of Verona, which represents a sweet cake baked for Christmas and New Year.

10 Most Delicious Verona Specialties & Best Places to Try Them

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8. Nadalin – Christmas cookies

9. Baci di Giulietta (Juliet’s Kiss) – small cakes with chocolate filling.

10. Sbrisolone – shortbread with almonds, which you need to dip into grappa before eating.

Speaking of Italy, we can’t avoid mentioning wine in its cuisine. By the way, the region in which Verona is located occupies a leading position in the country for the fine wine produce. It specializes on the production of two types of the top-quality wine – Bardolino Classico and Recioto di Soave. Among the other must-try brands of the local wine are Bardolino, Amarone (red wines), and Durello, Custoza and Soave (white wines).

Best Places in Verona where you can try the local delicacies

Osteria Sottoriva

The cafe offers traditional Italian cuisine. It is hidden in the gallery on a picturesque street. Once you enter the café you will feel its warmth and hospitality. The establishment has nearly 300-years old history and at the beginning of its existence it served the boatmen, who cruised by the Adige River.

10 Most Delicious Verona Specialties & Best Places to Try Them

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Today the café offers healthy meals,such as meatballs, pasta with meat stew and horsemeat. Osteria Sottriva is a great place to relax. Besides, the signboard on the wall informs of the “slow service”.
Address: Via Sottoriva 9A.

Locanda Dei Capitani

The café is located in a 5-minutes’ walk from the balcony of the house of Juliet, on the first floor of the palace of the former City Court. In the Middle Ages this building was the center of political and economic life of Verona. When sitting there at the table covered with white cloth, you can see and even touch the well-preserved ancient walls. The café offers a simple and short menu that transfers visitors to a traditional Italian house, rich in ancient recipes.
Address: Piazza dei Signori, 5

10 Most Delicious Verona Specialties & Best Places to Try Them

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Corte Farina

This place is very convenient to come to after exhausting shopping at the Via Mazzini Street located nearby. The establishment offers its guests traditional Italian dishes and mild green interior. The menu includes pancakes with different fillings, pizza, various kinds of pasta and other dishes that will be served to you right from the oven. In the warm months the guests of Corte Farina can enjoy sitting on the summer terrace.
Address: Corte Farina, 4.

Antico Caffe Dante

This elegant café is located at the beautiful Piazza dei Signori. Since the early 1990s, the café was a meeting place and a part of life of the local residents. The café has the medieval style interior, in which the creation of Dante Aligeri is represented.

10 Most Delicious Verona Specialties & Best Places to Try Them

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Today the establishment welcomes numerous tourists who want to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. The cafe features a huge variety of dishes and wines.
Address: Piazza dei Signori, 2

Trattoria Papa e Cicia

The establishment which specializes on the Italian cuisine is situated on the quiet bank of the Adige River, just in 10-minutes’ walk from the city center. Many locals say that this restaurant serves the most delicious meals in Verona. Besides, the price will also surprise you – just for €11 you can order the main course, a dessert and a glass of wine.  The recipe of risotto changes every day there – it may be cooked with seafood, meat, mushrooms, asparagus and parmesan.
Address: via Seminario, 4.

Café Monte Baldo

Once being an old-fashioned place, this café has become a busy and crowded place welcoming its guests from the afternoon till the late evening. A large number of locals love to come there to eat dishes of the local cuisine and drink a glass of the first-rate wine.
Address: via Rosa, 12.

10 Most Delicious Verona Specialties & Best Places to Try Them

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In general, one may say that restaurants of Verona are distinguished by special warmth and comfort. So, when strolling down the city streets, don’t be afraid to go off the beaten paths in search for a good place to dine at. For the convenience of getting around Verona you can rent an affordablecar at the airport. Moreover, there are lots of other beautiful and cozy cities near Verona you also might want to go to. We hope that Verona will impress you not only with an abundance of its sights, but also with its amazing delicacies!

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