The Top Five Places to Wakeboard in Australia

When it comes to the absolute best places to go wakeboarding, there are few locations that can top the land down under. There are a lot of great wakeboarding spots to choose from in Australia and we’ve narrowed that extensive list down to the top five absolute best locations on the entire continent. Before you embark on your Australia wakeboarding adventure however, you’ll want to take care of a few things first. Make sure you bring your wakeboard (obviously) as well as your sunscreen (for that blazing Australia sun) and your favorite swimsuit. You’ll also want to make sure your boat is equipped with lifejackets, an audio system, and a pair of loud wakeboard speakers to ensure you have the most fun as you possibly can. Got all that taken care of? Good, now on to the list!

The Top Five Places to Wakeboard in Australia

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1. Blackwood River, Augusta

If you happen to be visiting the town of Augusta, Nannup, or Bridgetown, the nearby Blackwood River is an excellent place to go hiking, picnicking, and wakeboarding. The Blackwood is actually the largest river in Southwest Australia and it offers a flatter, calmer wakeboarding experience on its fresh waters that is perfect for beginners. If you’re looking for a calm, easygoing wakeboarding experience with lots of room to maneuver, Blackwood River should be at the top of your must-visit wakeboarding spots list.

The Top Five Places to Wakeboard in Australia

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2. Oyster Harbour, Albany

Oyster Harbour, which is conveniently located near the town of Albany on Australia’s southern coast, is mainly known as an idyllic fishing destination but it’s also a popular spot for water sports such as water skiing and wakeboarding. Much like Blackwood River, Oyster Harbour contains many staples of a fun family outing including picnic areas and beaches. If salt water wakeboarding is more your game, Oyster Harbour won’t disappoint.

The Top Five Places to Wakeboard in Australia

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3. Lake Eildon, Victoria

Of all the wakeboarding destinations in Australia, Lake Eildon, located in the country’s Victoria region, is likely the most famous. Not only is the freshwater lake massive (its shoreline encompasses 500kms) but it was also the place where many seasoned wakeboards such as Brenton Priestley and Daniel Watkins started their wakeboarding legacies. The infamous drought years in Australia (from 2000 to about 2010) severely impacted Lake Eildon’s water levels but, in the wake of the 2010 Victorian Floods, the lake has returned to its former glory as a premier wakeboarding spot.

The Top Five Places to Wakeboard in Australia

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4. Lake Navarino (Waroona Dam), Western Australia

Located near the town of Perth, Lake Navarino is often considered to be one of Australia’s best-kept secrets. The lake sports a total of 358 acres of water, 220 of which are dedicated solely to water sports. Just make sure you pay attention to where you’re wakeboarding as certain areas of the lake are set aside for calmer water activities (like sailing) and wakeboarding is not allowed in those spots. As long as you stick to the designated water sports areas, Lake Navarino offers some of the best wakeboarding real estate in Southern Australia.

The Top Five Places to Wakeboard in Australia

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5. Wiseman’s Ferry, New South Wales

Another famous location in wakeboarding history, Wiseman’s Ferry is home to the Black Diamond Wakeboarding School. Black Diamond is the oldest wakeboarding school in Australia and it’s run by veteran wakeboarder Scotty Kell. The presence of Black Diamond combined with Wiseman’s Ferry’s wide riverbanks and gorgeous backdrop of rolling green hills have made it into a must-visit destination for any serious wakeboarding enthusiast.

The Top Five Places to Wakeboard in Australia

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