Think of a word that brings a glow on your face, brighten your eyes, makes you go wow, gives butterflies in your tummy and gets your heart to skip a beat. For people who love traveling, this beautiful word is ‘holiday.’ Whether it a be a single day picnic to a charming resort or an extended vacation to a well known international destination, such holidays are always fantastic.

Balancing personal and professional life is quite essential, and a fantastic way you can do it is by getting in periodic breaks. The most common thing that holds back people from spending a quality vacation is the money and going beyond the budget. Very few people know that you can travel easily on a budget without compromising the fun and enjoyment. You need to follow some tips to have a beautiful vacation of your life in a shoestring budget.

Decide your budget first and then research on the destinations that come under your budget. The procedure for this is to start planning the trip from the start and move towards the end keeping in front the miscellaneous expenses. You will need to research more to know about the latest promo offers and deals that can save you a lot of money.

You need to think out of the box and experiment and combine arrangements which aren’t suggested by the tour operator so that you can fetch some significant savings. Do some homework and educate yourself about the destination where you intend to spend some unforgettable time. After deciding your destination, check the best activities at the place that you can enjoy without any fee. You can surf the beach, hike up the mountain, explore parks, make road trips, visit malls, and walk around your favorite cities as all these things are free of cost. In this way, you will enjoy an unforgettable journey of your life. Read on the article to discover how to visit some impressive places and travel on a budget.

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Thailand is a popular tourist location for international travelers where you can travel to the Phi Phi islands to enjoy the crystal clear water and white sand beaches. Phi Phi island is between the Phuket island and the mainland Strait of Malacca coast on a location which is a unique blend of distinct and beautiful because of the mountainous terrain and the lush greenery. The island features clear water and beaches that have their natural beauty protected by the national park status. This destination is also famous for scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and other marine recreational activities.

10 Places to Have a Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

Dubai, UAE

With shopping driving the headline and 7-star hotels dominating the skyline, Dubai is a playground for famous and rich. However, some traveling knowledge of the city can open up budget-friendly experiences that can be found on either side of Creek in Deira and Bur Dubai where there is the beginning of the trading port of Dubai.

You can also come closer to the nature with the Musandam tour here.

10 Places to Have a Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

Another unforgettable memory to share when you go home back from Dubai is the desert safari.  It is highly recommended and is worth every any spend. This city of gold has initially been a village and was then transformed into a trendsetting town. You will have a genuinely mesmerizing trip on the desert while enjoying the dune bashing, camel riding, henna designing, delicious BBQ dinner and a lot more. The adventure begins with dune driving on golden dunes and then have thrilling sandboarding. You will witness the fantastic sunset view in the desert which you won’t be able to forget ever. You can spot the shining star in the night and enjoy the delicious dinner under the moonlight.

Cusco, Peru

Tourism in Cusco brings about 1.2 million dollars per year as there are some fantastic ancient ruins in the former capital of the Inca Empire, and you won’t be able to find such impressive stuff in any other part of the planet. Because of its importance and the antiquity, the city center still has many plazas, churches, buildings, and streets from the ancient structures and colonial times because of which this city was declared as ‘World Heritage site’ in 1983 by UNESCO. Along with the old city ruins that tourist can hike in this city there are distinct remains of some Spanish settlements that were built when the region was created. This is an ideal place that everyone can visit as it is most easily accessible and affordable.

10 Places to Have a Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

Coban, Guatemala

Mountains with orchids surround this beautiful city, and it has some fantastic nature reserves which include Laguna Lanchua Park, Last Victorias Park and San Jose la Colonia Park.

10 Places to Have a Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

Coban is a nature lover’s dream destination where you can experience the caves tucked among the lushness of this last city and a natural waterfall. It is a fantastic place for those who are in search of a beautiful place to enjoy along with saving some bucks. Las Victorias National Park is a significant distinction where you can hike for hours through the wooden expanse of trails.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a famous region for people who are already in Europe, but it is sometimes overlooked by those who are unfamiliar to this region. This is one of the cheapest travel destinations as its daily expenses and hotels are cheap, and recent buildings have now created a hotel that gives travelers access to high scale accommodation in affordable rates. Public transportation is reliable and economical, and the city is walkable which convince travelers to spend some time here and made it easy to travel on a budget.

10 Places to Have a Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

Havana, Cuba

The capital city of Cuba creates a very authentically distinct feel regarding appearance and culture, and it underscores its liveliness by the impressive buildings. Almost every hotel of this city is on shoreline which will give you fantastic access to the nightlife of Havan and reaches without affecting your traveling budget.

10 Places to Have a Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica extends perfectly to tourists because of its great known universally low cost of living. You can get some genuinely unique experience by enjoying at stunning beaches like Playa Grande and witness wildlife refugee with monkeys and gigantic turtles. If the animal’s and wildlife does not attract you, then head over to the coast or learn to surf in the clear Costa Rican waves. The hotel prices are quite low, and the Tamarindo city is much doable on a small budget.

10 Places to Have a Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

Tamarindowiki [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Himalayan state of Nepal is a unique destination where you can travel be being in your budget as its capital city Kathmandu is indeed a sight to behold. This city which is referred to as the paradise for mountain trekker has a plethora of some fantastic things to offer the tourists. With its unique and impressive architecture, it spreads through the hills of the surrounding area. Many hotels are under $10 and are less likely to break the single figure mark which makes this place inviting for people who intend to have a fanatic Hilda on a low budget.

10 Places to Have a Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

Bali, Indonesia

This is the most popular holiday destination in the Indonesian Archipelago and has exotic temples and places. Bali is a stunning place on Earth as it has a distinct blend of breathtaking scenery and culture. This city is meant for exploring and is the cheapest place to travel where you can make most of your trip and enjoy an unforgettable journey. There are the endless choices for locals to dine in here and after sunset, some nightspots like new packed dance and clubbing floor come to life. You can find high-quality, and cheap sleeping accommodations here as some three-star hotel cost around $17 per night.

10 Places to Have a Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

Caye Caulker, Belize

Belize is a small island community off the cost which has an ocean holding fantastic diving pints so that you can enjoy the Belize Barrier Reef and is filled with abundant wildlife. A narrow channel referred to as the split divides Caye into a sandy beach on one side and another tourist places on the other side. You can enjoy a quality holiday in this fantastic city as it has a high-class hotel that runs in ten of dollars and rarely break two figures. Young people can have some ridiculous time in socializing and exploring here. There are diverse bird-life and dense mangrove forest on the north of Island while the southern part has settlements known s the Caye Caulker village.

10 Places to Have a Fabulous Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

Final Words

Finding an affordable destination to enjoy a memorable vacation is quite frustrating, and requires much time and efforts in doing research, finding the cheap flight, good quality hotels, and considering the best quality meal options in low rates. Numerous factors come into play while searching for cheap places to travel including the time of year you intend to visit and the proximity to the destination. There still are some of the most impressive areas in the world where you can visit without breaking your budget and have a wonderful time.