10 Whimsical Villages in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country best known for its natural beauty and the great taste of different types of cheese. Whenever you are traveling to Switzerland, either in summer or winter you will never find anything that is not set in a perfection. All the cities, the smaller towns and the villages in Switzerland are great fairytales with unique stories. The team of YourAmazingPlaces made a research and decided to give you some great Switzerland village names. Those names brings a different fairy tale. Look at those places and live the fantasy.


Wengen is a village located in central Switzerland. It is a location where the skiing is one of the main sports because of the big hills of the Alps. In the summers the weather is cool and best place to run from the hot cities.

10 Whimsical Villages in Switzerland

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Altstätten is sometimes referred as a town. It is a place located in the northern Switzerland. It is located at the foot of the Alpstein-Mountains which are part of the Swiss Alps.

10 Whimsical Villages in Switzerland

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Crans-Montana is a ski resort in the southwestern Switzerland. It is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Crans-Montana are actually two villages which with the time has been united and form a great ski center. In 1987 in this place was hold the Alpine Ski Racing World Championship.

10 Whimsical Villages in Switzerland

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This city is named Interlaken because it is settled between two lakes, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. It’s location is also affected by the edges of the Alps.

10 Whimsical Villages in Switzerland

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This village is a small one located in the mountains. It is best known for the great cheese, farming and tourism. We all know that the swiss cheese is unique and one of a kind, but for sure there are some difference between the villages which have created their own cheese identity.

10 Whimsical Villages in Switzerland

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Spiez is small town or a village located on the shore of Lake Thun. Here you can find a medieval castle that dates from 15th and 16th century. It is a great attraction for the tourists that come here often, together with the Baroque Banquet Hall.

10 Whimsical Villages in Switzerland

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The story about Leukerbad dates from 4th century B.C. Graves and ceramics attests the presence of habitation in this village. This places is a wet place with 122 rainy days in a year, either rain or snow. This place is known most of the hot spring baths that were used for therapies during the Roman times.

10 Whimsical Villages in Switzerland

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Andermatt is a places that has a great tourist attractions. The two mountains that both have ski centers gives a great opportunity for all the ski lovers to escape from the reality and have a nice time for relaxation.

10 Whimsical Villages in Switzerland

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Grindelwald is village that has a great winter tourist traditions. There are places for beginners, intermediates or even a great challenges to ski on the great Eiger glacier for the most experienced ones. Despite of the ski destinations, it also provides a great destinations for winter hiking either in winter or summer.

10 Whimsical Villages in Switzerland

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Mürren is a traditional mountain village in the Swiss Alps that is unreachable by public road. The tourism in this village is popular in winters and summers. At first it was a farming village, but by the time with the tourism growth, and the build of some great hotel accommodations, it is great place to visit every time of the year.

10 Whimsical Villages in Switzerland

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