The world is a Pandora of beautiful locations, some of which are a gift of nature while some are the results of the genius of human beings. If travelling is something you enjoy a lot, there are some exotic locations that you must see at least once in your life. As there are so many amazing places in the world, it may get confusing to decide the best destination for your next holiday. To make your decision easier, we present to you 13 exotic places you must see before you die.


Greece can be easily called a breathtaking beauty for its amazing islands, pristine beaches, historical cities, splendid backdrop and an interesting culture. There is no limit to the places you can visit in this beautiful country. Whatever is your interest, for instance art, architecture, history or a relaxing or peaceful environment, Greece has the potential to inspire, interest and excite you. While Athens is a historical city, the Santorini Island adds a touch of romance that you would definitely fall in love with. Some of the other interesting places that you should visit in Greece include Mykonos Island, Crete, etc.

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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Be it the historical monuments or the picturesque natural beauty or the innumerable outdoor activities or the delicious food, Scotland has everything that can truly captivate you. The cliff-top castles and pre-historic attractions have the ability to leave anyone fall in love with the place. Add to this are the pretty beaches, natural reserves, huge mountains and the huge golf courses that make this place unique and exotic at the same time. Some of the cities that you must visit when in Scotland include Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen, etc. Scotland would definitely become a place that you would want to visit again and again.

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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Known for its architecture, culture, romance and fashion, Paris is one destination that would leave you mesmerized. Be it the tall Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum or the Champs Elysees or the Notre Dame Cathedral or any other place in Paris, every part of city is thrilling and exciting. Apart from looking at the beautiful structures, just walking through the streets, having a cup of coffee at one of the charming cafes and exploring the city are some of the things that you can do in this place. By the time you have seen most of the city, you would want to relocate to the city forever.

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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Be it winter, spring or summer, Switzerland is a dream destination for people around the world. The snow-covered Swiss Alps have been immortalized in several movies and postcards. Although this is probably the main attraction of Switzerland, it is definitely not the only one. The lakes, villages, cities, museums, architecture, castles, or forests, everything in Switzerland exudes exoticism. Geneva, the Jungfrau region, Zernez, Montreux, Basel, etc. are places where you would get to view some amazing things. Other than all these, the cuisine of Switzerland is something to look forward to!

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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One amongst the seven cities belonging to the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is undoubtedly the most advanced city. In terms of architecture, Dubai possesses some of the several wonders of the world. It houses the tallest building (Burj Khalifa), the largest man-made island (Palm Jumeirah) as well as the largest mall (Dubai Mall). In short, Dubai holds a world record in terms of architectural growth. Other than sightseeing, you can also have lots of fun here. There are several water parks, malls and beaches that would keep you entertained. The Dubai desert safari, camel riding, dune bashing and belly dancing is another thing that you should not miss in this amazing place.

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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If you are perpetually in love with sun, sand and the sea, Maldives is a perfect location to spend your holiday. This exotic island possesses 26 atolls, each unique as well as beautiful. The white sandy beaches of Maldives are perfect places to lie down, have a drink, read a book and just relax. If you love adventure, Maldives offers this too to its visitors. The underwater world of Maldives is as beautiful as it is outside. Hence, do not miss the chance to go snorkelling and scuba diving inside the deep blue waters of the sea. Aside this, water skiing, kite boarding, swimming, fishing, etc. are some other activities that you can enjoy in this exotic place.

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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Rio de Janeiro

The 2330 feet tall statue of Christ the Redeemer alone makes the city of Rio de Janerio stand out as one of the exotic places in this world. Apart from this, there are several other attractions that make this city of Brazil an interesting tourist destination. The urban forest of Tuijuca National Park, the amazing Sugarloaf Mountain, the pristine beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, etc. are some of the places that you must visit in Rio de Janeiro.

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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For those who love to spend time in the wilderness, a trip to Tanzania would be truly exciting. This place has the highest numbers of natural reserves, some of the world’s best beaches and Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain). The Tarangire National Park, the Ruaha National Park, etc. are some of the must visit national parks of Tanzania but the Serengeti National Park is incomparable. The annual wildlife migration that happens in this national park is a sight to behold and should be at the top of your itinerary.

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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India is a diverse country that offers you some of the best exotic locations in the world. From the immaculate beaches of Goa to the beautiful mountains of Shimla to the exquisite landscapes of the North East, India has a host of amazing places to its name. The most special thing about this country is that the language, culture and traditions differ from state to state as well as from community to community. So pack your bags and get ready for a journey where you visit the jungles of Rajasthan, the backwaters of Kerala, the serene beaches of Goa, etc.

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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You would realize that the proverb ‘Rome was not built in a day’ is completely true when you see the enchanting Italian city, Rome. The historical sites, monuments, churches, temples, museums, basilicas, parks, palaces, etc. add to the graceful beauty of this place. The classical and historical sites of the city have the power to mesmerize anyone. Some of the top sites of Rome that you should visit include Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Navona, Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, etc.

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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While Istanbul is a place with immense beauty, the location of this place is also quite intriguing. Located between the Eastern and Western sections of the world, Istanbul is a modern city of Turkey that still holds its history and culture beautifully. The Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, Istanbul Archaeological Museum, etc. are some of the prime locations of Istanbul that you should visit.

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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Marrakesh in Morocco is known as one of the most popular destinations in the world. The culture, history, the souks, the monuments and the cities of Marrakesh attract people to this beautiful location. Other than sightseeing, do not forget to taste the cuisine of Marrakesh which is truly mouth-watering.

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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Jordan is not the first destination that comes to one’s mind when one thinks about a holiday as it is a part of Middle East. However, you would be surprised to know that Jordan is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world mostly because of the beauty it exudes. The Rose City of Petra, the ruins of Montreal Crusader castle, the monuments of Qasr Amra, etc. are what make Jordan an interesting travel destination.

13 Exotic Places You Must See Before You Die

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The 13 locations provided above are truly exotic and should be visited at least once. If any of these places interest you, inquire about the visa requirements and book a ticket to fly to the destination.