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20 Places to Visit just for a Photograph!

It’s pretty clear that you can’t visit the entire world. People who have been in all corners of the globe can tell you that the world is not what we see on maps. Its huge and you can get lost in even the smallest cities in the world.

In this article, there are places on every continent. Geography will keep us apart but the beauty of these places brings us together. For honeymooners and anyone who craves global tour, this is for you – 20 of the most amazing places on Earth.


Cuba is the most colorful place on the planet. Everything about Cuba is from back in the day. There are people who go to Cuba just to drive around in those 1950’s cars. The locals are hospitable and warm.

Cuba is the place to be if you want to get away from everything for a week or so. No internet no problems.

Bali, Indonesia

Romance seekers do not miss a chance to visit this place. You only get one honeymoon –some more than others. Your jaw will literally drop once you see this place. The mountain vistas are amazing. There are plenty of activities to indulge in. Meditate on the coastline in the calmness of the blue waters.

Teuscher (Zurich, Switzerland)

Well as you know chocolate is quintessential of love. What best place to get your partner a chocolate box than the home to the best chocolatiers in the world. Chocolate is not the only thing you will find in Zurich. Being the largest city in Switzerland there are absolutely a million activities to choose from. Worship in one of the oldest churches Fraumunster church that dates back to the 11th century.


The food in Thailand is so good and diverse. If you are only there for a week, there is one rule you should follow. Never repeat a meal. The picturesque trails are simply breathtaking.

Hudson Valley, New York

Taking a vacation for adventurous people does not mean relaxing by the beach all day. Hudson River has an 80-mile road distance for you to try out your adventure motorcycle. On the plus side, you get a great restaurant, a million dollar view, quaint villages, and wineries.

Cape Town, South Africa

Just when you think you’ve seen it all Cape Town happens. You can get so much done in Cape Town. The city gives you fun options like the best safari or you can go wine tasting. A walk on the beach is far more favorable in the evening where you can catch the beautiful sunset.


Dublin is one of the most beautiful cities. One thing that makes it more beautiful is the whiskey. Many may not know this but whiskey is a big deal in Dublin. Try out Black Velvet whiskey in a palace bar and you will never forget it.

Budapest, Hungary

In Budapest, you will find plenty of tasty food, friendly locals, the beauty that nature has to offer and things are very affordable. You don’t need a high budget here. Take the best photographs on the thermal baths.

Maui, Hawaii

Well, once again Hawaii has done it. The island has the most amazing beaches and clear waters. There are new luxury resorts and a honeymoon is something I would consider here.

St. Barts

This place is so beautiful. You know you’ve not been living life to the fullest when you visit St. Barts. The water is so cool and beautiful at Colombier. It gives you a sense of happiness and peace. As much as it looks like the French Riviera, the landing is crazy but worth it.


Malaysia is home to the most iconic modern architecture. Petronas Twin Towers were once the tallest buildings in the world.


The most technologized modern city of our time. Get a glimpse of the tallest building in the world. The city is so beautiful city in the world both during the day and night. You can definitely visit for just a photograph.


Visit the holy city of Jerusalem for a day and nourish your spiritual needs. The beautiful Mediterranean sea offers a high-quality view and you can laugh along with the Israelis they are the funniest people ever.


Miami is a very fun place to be. The beaches only add to its beauty. There are millions of hotels and restaurants. The city is luxurious and fun –why you should visit.


Take a photo of the fountains as they fly sky high and show off to the world. As you visit the holy city there are a few churches to help you wash away your sins and you can also learn biblical stories and visit the places they happened.

Los Angeles

Hollywood is the place to be. With celebrities on every street, it can’t come in short of beauty. There is everything in LA. Whether you like arts, theater or hiking you will find it all here.


For a view of the most spectacular skyline, you got to visit London. There are buildings that are centuries old. Learning is one of the reasons we travel and there is a lot of history to learn in London.


Apart from Rome, Italy has a lot to offer the world. Like hiking, sunbathing, the beautiful streets of Florence and you can carry your tool pouch just in case you need to take your adventure motorcycle out.

New York

Everything in the city of New York City is camera worthy. The skyscrapers are all over the city, the statue of liberty and so many other great attractions.


Last but not least, Panama. Panama is home to many islands. Also home of biodiversity the food love stories campaign is definitely getting there.

The world is home to the most dangerous, scary places. But it’s also home to the most amazing, breathtaking places. Every continent has something or a place that makes it unique and gorgeous. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you visit another place and think “wow this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

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