Those who do remote, digital work often find themselves in a predicament: when it’s so easy to sit down and get working on your tasks, it can be difficult to decide on a place to work. The same surroundings of your environment can get boring after a while, and—since you’re not tied to a specific place—why not mix your daily work schedule with a self-care vacation?

To help you decide where to go for your next working vacation, we’ve made a list of our 3 Favorite Destinations Where You Can Work and Have a Self-Care Vacation:

1. Budapest, Hungary

As one of the most unique cities you can go to, Budapest is a true diamond in the rough. What we mean by this is that it doesn’t seem like the best place to have a self-care vacation, but it actually offers a lot. Not only is it quite easy to find strong wifi and co-working spaces, but there is also so much culture surrounding you that it almost always feels like you’re in the center of town. This is made even more wonderful by the amount of delicious and affordable food that can be found anywhere in the city.

3 Destinations Where You Can Work and Have a Self-Care Vacation

Another one of the reasons as to why we’ve put Budapest on our list is the impressive infrastructure that ties the whole city together. In particular, we recommend taking breaks from your work in order to take a walk around, appreciate the architecture of the buildings, and visit some of the city’s wonderful parks.

3 Destinations Where You Can Work and Have a Self-Care Vacation

Budapest’s nightlife is also good for those looking to meet other digital remote workers, as there is seemingly no divide between the nightlife and the co-working spaces, making it a great way to meet people who are in a similar predicament when you’re done with work for the day. There is also a great music scene in Budapest, meaning that you can see a traditional museum in the same day that you go to a punk rock show!

2. Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is a country that embraces technology like few others do. As the capital city, Stockholm is no exception to this cultural standard, having some of the strongest public wifi you’ll be able to find in Europe. Stockholm also has beautiful architecture and weather to behold at any time of year, meaning that you can see a castle-like parliament building within walking distance of a beautiful public park.

3 Destinations Where You Can Work and Have a Self-Care Vacation

Those who visit Stockholm will also be impressed by the amount of informative museums, ranging from ancient ships to Nordic art to even the music of ABBA! There are also many places in Stockholm you can take a breather, enjoy some nice food, and even relax at some of the world’s most notable public pools.

3 Destinations Where You Can Work and Have a Self-Care Vacation

3. Berlin, Germany

Though it may seem weird to have Berlin at the top of our self-care vacation list, it’s for good reason. Berlin is one of those cities that is incredibly well-connected, filled with people working digitally, all alongside an incredible amount of things to do. If you’re working during the day, this is no problem in Berlin, as there is an incredible nightlife scene in which it seems like there is always something to do.

3 Destinations Where You Can Work and Have a Self-Care Vacation

Berlin is also an incredibly affordable city, meaning that you don’t have to break the bank to splurge on yourself. For example, you can dine at a large variety of luxurious food outlets and restaurants without having to worry as much about finances as you would in a more expensive city.

There’s so much more to Berlin than just the nightlife, though—there is a remarkable amount of history in this city, meaning that there is a wide variety of museums for you to explore. There are also some great options for spas to visit that are open late, giving yourself the opportunity to have some literal peace and self-care during your self-care vacation.

3 Destinations Where You Can Work and Have a Self-Care Vacation

In terms of working, Berlin also gives you the greatest amount of flexibility in terms of easily finding places with strong wifi. Berlin is a start-up city, meaning that there are many people who need wifi for their jobs and as a result you can find many businesses that have great co-working spaces. And if you remember you need to send an email while on the subway? Simply get off at the next station; all U-Bahn stations in Berlin are equipped with some pretty impressive wifi.

We hope this guide of 3 Destinations Where You Can Work and Have a Self-Care Vacation was helpful and you keep it in mind the next time you get an itch to travel somewhere new! Who knows—you might even want to stay longer than your originally-planned vacation!

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