Are you going to travel abroad? Then you will need a passport which gives you visa free access to 179 countries.

A Malaysian passport is very fast to obtain. It can be issued in an hour after submitting your application form!

So how to apply for it?

Collect documents

First of all, prepare the necessary documents for the online form, you do not need much of them:

  1. Your expired Malaysian passport (if you have one)
  2. Malaysian bank account for FPX transactions, with at least RM200.
  3. Phone number and email address (Required field in the application)
  4. A digital photo

3 Steps to Obtain a Malaysian Passport

Take a photo

The easiest way to get your Malaysian passport photo is to use – a professional online service.

You won’t be able to submit your online form if your photo is rejected by the system. So pay attention to these requirements:

  1. Your photo should be 35×50 mm in size;
  2. The background should be white;
  3. The lightning must be decent. Make sure that your face is lit evenly;
  4. Head height must be from 25 mm to 30 mm;
  5. The distance from the frame to the top of the hair must be 10 mm;
  6. It’s preferable to wear dark clothes in the photo. The best option is a black shirt or your hijab.
  7. Glasses are not allowed

In case if your face has shadows or your skin is a little darker than in daylight, your photo will be rejected.

3 Steps to Obtain a Malaysian Passport

Renew your passport

The most convenient way is to apply for your passport online at the MyONLINE*PASPORT website.

Remember, that it can be used only to renew your passport. You cannot apply for the first time there. Also you lost your passport or it was stolen, you cannot apply online either.

Also, if your child is under 13, you cannot renew his/her passport there.

How to fill in the form?

  1. Write only the truth. Otherwise, your application will be delayed.
  2. If you apply for our cold’s passport, you should be his legal guardian.

3 Steps to Obtain a Malaysian Passport

When you upload the photo, it can be rejected even if it looks good for you. This happens due to insufficient lightning. So be sure that your photo was taken by a professional!

Remember that only you can take the renewed passport from the Immigration office. Your representatives cannot do that. When you come to collect your passport, bring with you:

  1. Your ID card
  2. Your old passport
  3. Receipt

How to know when to collect your passport? The time will be presented on your receipt.