Traveling internationally is very exciting, but preparations before leaving for a new adventure are usually very stressful and exhausting. Eager adventurers need to make sure they prepared all the necessary documents so that they could avoid any troubles while leaving or re-entering the county.

The situation with proper prepping gets even more critical when people are traveling with children, as it often poses extra difficulties for parents who must make sure they got all their documents in order. Today we will point out the main documents every family needs to bring along if they wish to successfully go abroad with kids.

What Document Parents Need To Prepare Before Family Trip Abroad?

5 Documents Americans Need To Travel Abroad With Children

Numerous documents and their translations may be requested from Americans who wish to enter a foreign country. Their full list will greatly depend on the specific county one plans to visit. However, below we will outline 5 crucial documents US citizens commonly need to travel internationally with family.

1. Passports.

Each adult who wishes to travel internationally needs to have a valid passport. One should also have a driver’s license so that it could be used as an additional means of identification, as it has the person’s photo.

What Document Parents Need To Prepare Before Family Trip Abroad?

2. Kid’s Birth Certificates.

All children under the age of 16 are required to have birth certificates with them when they depart as well as re-enter the country. It’s important to note that an original or copy of the birth certificate is allowed.

What Document Parents Need To Prepare Before Family Trip Abroad?

3. Visas.

If requested by the destination country, visas are necessary for entering a foreign country. A common question when traveling with kids is if they need individual visas. An answer to this question is affirmative – visas must be obtained for each member of the family.

What Document Parents Need To Prepare Before Family Trip Abroad?

4. Vaccination Records.

Considering the ongoing pandemic, those Americans who plan on traveling internationally in 2121 need to pay close attention to rules regarding immunization information they must offer. As of now, health passports in the US are not obligatory.

What Document Parents Need To Prepare Before Family Trip Abroad?

Exact requirements regarding Covid-19 vaccination and testing are set individually by different countries, so always thoroughly research them before planning a trip. Different countries may require negative test results, vaccination cards, proof of successful recovery, or several of these documents. Current requirements state that all people who are entering or reentering the US, including children of two and more years old, must present a negative Covid-19 test done no more than 3 days before arriving in the US. Moreover, don’t forget to have your vaccination records translated, as they could also be crucial for your travel arrangements.

5. Notarized Letter of Consent.

A very important document for traveling with children is a notarized letter of consent. It is strongly advised to have such a letter for a child who is accompanied only by one parent. Contents of this letter should clearly state that a parent who remains in the US acknowledges that the child is traveling internationally and grants their consent for such travel.

What Document Parents Need To Prepare Before Family Trip Abroad?

The letter should contain main information about both parents and a child, including their names and dates of birth. If the child is traveling without parents, they both should provide individual letters.

It’s important to state that such letters must be notarized under rules for traveling with children set by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Such a letter may also be requested by destination country, so parents must confirm it before going on a trip.

Additional Things to Note When Traveling Internationally As a Family

Traveling with children is a great responsibility, but caring for them abroad is an equally important task. Parents should plan for their child’s health abroad. If a child requires specific medications, they should be brought in intact original packaging along with a doctor’s letter. Each country may have different requirements regarding medications, their types, and allowed quantities, so make sure to check this information before your voyage.

What Document Parents Need To Prepare Before Family Trip Abroad?

Speaking of prohibited and restricted items, we advise that you check export and import policies for the destination country, as well as the US since you will be bound by them upon entry. Parents should get familiarized with US customs restrictions.

It’s also a good idea to have important travel documents translated into the language of the destination country. You should check if there are any specific requirements regarding document translation set by the destination country before traveling. If so, TheWordPoint can facilitate proper translations of travel documents or any associated documentation on your request.

Wishing You Safe and Happy Travels!

Hopefully, this article clarified what details you should take care of before traveling internationally with kids, and consulted parents about the main documents they should prepare for a family trip abroad. Make sure to check all provided information against current governmental regulations to account for all possible updates.

What Document Parents Need To Prepare Before Family Trip Abroad?

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