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4 Expenses to Splurge on When Planning a Special Vacation

While you may have had to save a lot of money to take a vacation in the first place, you should always budget for some expenses that you can splurge on. These expenses can make your vacation more memorable. Here are four expenses that you should splurge when taking a special vacation.

Direct Flights

If you need to fly to your special vacation location, then you should consider splurging on a direct flight. This term refers to a plane that flies directly to the destination without any layovers. While it does mean that you may spend more time on an airplane without a break, it also means that you’ll arrive at your destination sooner. If you want to make the most of your vacation at the actual location, then a direct flight is an expense to make.


Another expense to splurge on is your accommodation. Choosing where you stay is important. It needs to be convenient and also needs to offer you the kind of privacy and relaxation you need after your adventures. That’s why a vacation rental should be your next expense to splurge on. Rentals allow you to stay in a home or condo that is entirely your own. It’s like owning a vacation home of your own. You don’t have to worry about kids running up and down the hall or waking up at a certain time for the maid.


No vacation is ever complete without buying souvenirs. These are mementos that you’ll take back home with you to remember the vacation with years later. It can be hard to justify buying certain souvenirs, but you’ll be glad that you did later in life. Some souvenirs can even be passed down through the generations if they’re wacky enough or valuable enough.

An Adventure

Anyone can just hang out at the beach during a vacation. One expense that you should definitely splurge on is an adventure that you can’t have back at home. Maybe that’s sea diving or horseback riding along the beach or even taking a zipline ride through the forest. Whatever the expense is, you should make it to ensure your special vacation is truly unforgettable.

You can always try to budget for your vacation, but in some cases, splurging is well worth it. Consider the four expenses listed above when planning your special vacation and come to terms with splurging on them. They may just make your vacation even better.

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