Smart homeowners know the questions to ask and what to look for when installing a new garage door. Here, we’re passing along the four top tips that savvy homeowners know when it comes to installing or replacing a garage door.

Know Your HOA Requirements and Restrictions

Before you order a new garage door, make sure it complies with any style requirements from your HOA. Also, HOAs often require that garage doors open and close quietly and smoothly.

4 Garage Door Installation Tips for the Savvy Homeowner

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In general, HOAs like every garage door in the neighborhood to match in color and style, and to operate quietly. Also, HOAs often require garage doors to remain closed, unless you are going in and out.

Automatic or Manual

You’ll also need to decide whether you want to install a garage door with an automatic opener, or one that opens manually. While automatic garage door openers are convenient, they also require more maintenance. The mechanism in a manual door can generally be lubricated by the homeowner, while an automatic garage door likely needs professional maintenance. Manual doors are also more affordable.

4 Garage Door Installation Tips for the Savvy Homeowner

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But, if you live in a less-than-desirable neighborhood, or often arrive home late at night, you might need an automatic garage door. The door will open and close, allowing you to drive in without leaving your vehicle. If you opt for an automatic garage door, you’ll also need to decide between motion sensors or remote control.

If You Don’t Have HOA Restrictions, The Possibilities Are Wide Open

Your garage door can totally transform the look of your home, greatly improving its curb appeal. You can choose from a traditional, raised-panel garage door, carriage house doors, or contemporary garage doors. You can also choose to have windows or no windows, or a contemporary garage door with shatter-proof, translucent glass panels. You can even get carriage house-style wooden garage doors.

4 Garage Door Installation Tips for the Savvy Homeowner

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A savvy homeowner would tell you to take a good, long look at the front of your house, and visualize the different styles of garage doors. Spending a little more now on a stylish, top-quality garage door will pay off in the long run.

Professional Garage Door Installation

Choosing the right garage door installation company is essential. You’ll want to engage a company with years of experience and great customer reviews. Also, you’ll want to hire a garage door contractor that can maintain their work and do repairs as needed.

4 Garage Door Installation Tips for the Savvy Homeowner

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A new garage door can make a big difference in the look of your home and its curb appeal. Also, choosing the right garage door contractor will ensure years of trouble-free operation.

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