If you think part of growing up and getting a job means trading in your suitcase for a briefcase, think again! Although many people resign themselves to placing all their dreams of seeing the world on the shelves when they land a job, there are many careers that require regular travel. Some jobs may even need you to relocate to a certain region for an extended period.

If you’re considering a career change or just entering the workforce but still want to travel the world, take a look at these four careers that could you take you there and beyond.

English as a Second Language Teacher

ESL teachers travel all over the world to teach English to both children and adults. Depending on where you plan to go or which recruiting company you use, the requirements for becoming an ESL teacher will differ. At the very least, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in any field. Other jobs require that you have a master’s in education as well as a certification in teaching English as a second language.

If you don’t have a master’s degree or a certificate, it’s easier to get a job teaching in Asia. Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand are always looking for ESL teachers. South America and Europe also look for educators, but the requirements tend to be a little more strict when compared to other regions.

4 Jobs That Can Take You Around the World

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If you love music and are interested in traveling the world, this might be an ideal career choice for you. An ethnomusicologist goes straight to the source of other cultures’ music to experience and research the history and sounds they have to offer. They study and record music all over the world. This profession, of course, requires a degree in ethnomusicology, but if traveling into the heart of a rain forest to record music in a remote village sounds appealing to you, you surely won’t mind putting in a few years for a degree.

4 Jobs That Can Take You Around the World

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Traveling Nurse

Healthcare professionals are in great demand all across the country, especially nurses. A career in travel nursing could send you all over the United States for either long-term or short-term jobs. Fortunately, if you’re already in the nursing field, you stand a good chance of qualifying for a traveling nurse position. Most agencies require you have at least a year of experience in your specialty, preferably in a hospital setting.

4 Jobs That Can Take You Around the World

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Traveling Social Worker

Along the same lines of traveling nurses, traveling social workers can expect to see much of the U.S. or even the world when getting into this profession. If you’re already armed with a social work degree, you’re well on your way to qualifying for a job as a traveling social worker. More social worker jobs are opening around the world which means the chances of you being picked are high.

4 Jobs That Can Take You Around the World

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When part of your job description involves taking trips around the world, there’s no reason to put your desire to travel on hold until after retirement. Seeing the world is an enriching experience like no other, so taking advantage of any opportunity you have to get on a plane and take off shouldn’t be missed.