A plane trip (whether for pleasure or business) is a unique opportunity, and therefore you have to know how to enjoy it. We talked to various frequent travellers who have travelled all around the world throughout their life and came to understand that the success of a trip depends on three things: having the information of the place you are going to visit, good planning and a good attitude to enjoy. Inside the planning factor, they shared with us many tips so that you can enjoy your next trip at your 100%.

1. Sleep well in economy class

According to Deepak Patel, a journalist and travel writer, “If you are going to travel for many hours and you do not go to the premier class, take muscle relaxants instead of sleeping pills. (This was prescribed by my doctor once) The muscle relaxant helps you sleep while preventing your muscles from tensing up. You will arrive at your destination without pain and with a feeling of rest”,

Top 14 Flying Tips By the Frequent Travellers

2. Take warm clothes along with you

“When I travel by plane I’m always freezing. To avoid asking for a blanket (which never wash), I always carry a sweater or pashmina shawl with me, and I use it to cover myself or even as a pillow” shares Priya Chatterjee, a 32-year-old business executive.

3. Take advantage of the emergency exit

In most of the planes, the seats near rear emergency exits are the ones that have more space for legs, and they do recline, while the seats in front of emergency exit do not recline.”

Top 14 Flying Tips By the Frequent Travellers

4. Prepare for emergencies

If you are travelling with Aeromexico, keep Aeromexico contact number with you in case you have to contact the airline. Also, when you arrive at your hotel, take a card and keep it in your bag. So you can remember the address and return quickly. Always carry extra money in your wallet and only use it in an emergency.

5. Make a file of documents

Before leaving on a trip, take pictures of your documents such as passport, visa, driver’s license, IFE, medical insurance, credit cards, etc. and save them in a secure file, either on your cell phone, computer or on the cloud. Also, take a picture of your suitcase, in case it gets lost.

6. Take care of your belongings

Never put anything of value in the suitcases. These suitcases go through many checks and many hands. Apart from that, they pass them through X-rays, and they can see whatever you have in it.

Top 14 Flying Tips By the Frequent Travellers

7. The best days to fly

When booking your flight, take into account that they are usually cheaper and low on demand on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

8. Clothes without wrinkles

When packing, instead of making a roll of each cloth, make a single bundle. First put an overcoat or sweater open, over it, stretched pants (if they are more than a pair, they are stretched and crossed). On them the shirts, shirts, and underwear. Fold the pants over these and at the end place another coat or sweater. The socks go inside the shoes. This bulge does not allow the movement of clothes, and therefore, prevents wrinkles. Also, read Carry-On Bag Essentials for A Long-Haul Flight.

Top 14 Flying Tips By the Frequent Travellers

9. Make smart purchases

Beware of buying pirated brands in some countries, mainly in Europe, because if they see you with some pirated clothes or accessories, they can take you in custody.

10. Take advantage of upgrades

If you travel in Aeromexico and you are a gold member, you can request an upgrade to first class on short trips.

11. Buy a universal connector adapter

If you want to avoid an utterly drained cell phone, PDA, laptop or other electrical device or worse, damaged by voltage overload, it is advisable to carry an adapter for your battery charger, as the voltage and connectors in several countries can be different than yours.

Top 14 Flying Tips By the Frequent Travellers

12. Take advantage of the apps

When planning and making your trip, utilise internet and applications such as

Top 14 Flying Tips By the Frequent Travellers

13. Avoid jet lag

When travelling to Europe or Asia, sleep on the plane if you are arriving at your destination during the day. If on the contrary, you are going to reach at night, try not to sleep to reach your destination and rest then.

14. Do not run at airports

When making reservations for connecting flights, look closely at the time between flights. Do not book if the time between flights is 45 minutes or less, especially if you have to pass migration. It is recommended to have at least an hour and a half between flights to avoid the risk of missing your connecting flight.