There is nothing like a plumbing problem to disrupt your wallet and daily routine. Unfortunately, you may be causing an issue without realizing it. It is time to start questioning the “facts” you may have heard about your plumbing habits, and you may want to consider the idea that these facts are actually myths.

To help you avoid future problems, here are four plumbing myths that could be damaging your home.

Flushable Wipes Can Be Flushed

Despite the advertisement, it is not a good idea to flush your flushable wipes. Toilet paper is designed to break down while being flushed. This is not the case for flushable wipes, and constantly flushing these products may cause your toilet to become clogged. Of course, you may not want to toss your used wipes in the trashcan. Therefore, it is best to stick to toilet paper or invest in a bidet and avoid flushable wipes altogether.

4 Plumbing Myths That Could Be Damaging Your Home

Drain Cleaners Do Not Cause Damage

Drain cleaners are advertised as being a safe and effective solution to clogged drains. However, harsh chemicals can cause damage to your pipes over time. The cleaners may not even work well, which may lead to mixing in other drain cleaners and causing more damage. Additionally, these chemicals may splash onto your skin or in your eyes. It is safer to use plungers, augers, and snakes without drain cleaners, or you can call a local professional like C & C Mechanical Plumbing & Drain Cleaning.

4 Plumbing Myths That Could Be Damaging Your Home

A Slow-Dripping Faucet Is Okay

If you have heard that a slow-dripping faucet is okay, then you have been given some pretty bad advice. Regardless of how slowly the faucet is dripping, you are still using water even when you are not home or at the sink. This means the constant dripping of water is going to increase your water bill over time. A slow-dripping faucet can also become a bigger problem if it is not repaired immediately.

4 Plumbing Myths That Could Be Damaging Your Home

Pouring Hot Grease Down The Drain

You should never pour hot grease down the drain of your kitchen sink after cooking, even if you have a garbage disposal. Once that hot grease cools and hardens, it is going to stick to your pipes. This leads to a nasty clog that may be difficult to unclog. It is recommended to let the grease cool in the pan, pour it into a metal can, and toss the entire can into the trash.

4 Plumbing Myths That Could Be Damaging Your Home

If you start treating the above facts as myths, you can avoid plumbing problems that increase your water bill and cause damage to your home. Just remember the tips listed above and you should start seeing an improvement in your plumbing and house.