There is a broad application of the piping in our lives. The pipes are consequently used in industries and our homes for electrical and plumbing appliances. Many individuals have ever thought of using pipes about have huge questions about its material, historic nature of the tubes and what differentiates various pipes.

The following guide is going to expound everything you need to know about piping.

The materials used in making pipes

The basis of selecting any pipe is as a result of the material which has been used to manufacture. The manufacturing process is influenced by the material used to produce pipes. Machining is the process for the preparation of the welding and pipes are machined at a given angle to ensure penetration of the whole thickness of pipe material. Therefore the following are the materials used in making pipes

Standard steel

Standard steel is the most convenient and mostly used material due to its low cost and provision of high-quality results. The iron has a wide range of application. The steel can be cut, bend and manufactured efficiently.

Everything You Need To Know About Piping


The aluminum pipes are cheap, easy to accumulate and form. They also have a low-slung level of rigidity making them easier for the machines.

Carbon steel

In this material, no least content is definite for any alloying element.


Non-metallic has PVC which is durable, and it is a cheap material for construction.

Everything You Need To Know About Piping

Functions of pipes

Generally, pipes are installed on buildings to facilitate the carriage from one point to another. Piping has a wide range of application which is essential for the transportation of the semi-processed and raw fluids for the purifying into more functional products. For example, the copper pipe may be used in supplying the lines to the sinks and toilets.

Types of pipes

The decent pipe help in reducing the cost of repairing and installation and also last longer. In case you are planning to construct a structure such as the hospital or the hotel, you have to make sure the materials inside your building are durable and robust same case to those used in the construction of the outside of the building. It is always essential to check on the types of pipes to make a far-reaching decision on which tube is the best for which region or part of the house. The following are commonly main types of pipes.

Plastic pipes

These are also referred to as PVC pipes. The pipes are commonly used in supplying both warm and cold water to various homes. The product used to manufacture PVC pipes makes them easy and flexible to use. The PVC pipes such as perforated land drainage pipe, steam water easily and faster making them effective for the land drainage system. Also, the flexibility of the tube ensures the pipe coils efficiently when on the drainage ground. This type of pipe can be cut using, meter and hand saw. Always ensure fittings and the piping are the same material when joining the Plastic pipes.

Everything You Need To Know About Piping

Rigid pipes

Mostly, the rigid pipe comes in electrified or black iron pipe. The galvanized tubing is typically used for water outlines whereas the black iron pipe is used in facilitating the run of the natural as in the households.

Galvanized steel pipe

Steel pipe has a lifespan of more than twenty years, however, it crossed over time causing the water flow to decrease. It is prone to leaking.

Cross-linked polyethylene

The type of pipe is manufactured using translucent elastic material. The piping is durable and effective e for use. It is easier to install and cheap for usage compared to copper piping.

Everything You Need To Know About Piping

Methods used in the pipe connection


Welding refers to the process of joining pipe especially metal pipes by heating the two parts and cooling the parts by use of fusion. The technique is tightly strong and done fairly.

Everything You Need To Know About Piping

Brazing and Soldering

There is the similarity between the soldered and brazing in that the filler metal having a lower melting point than metallic in use is used to seal junctions between two improper metals. The method is mostly used in piping.

Everything You Need To Know About Piping


Thread refers to the dying joining option. It is related to the galvanized way of water tubing. Threaded method as used in repairing specific fittings.


Bending is the method used in pipes with the help of the machine.

In conclusion, in order for the pipes and systems to last longer after fitting, piping activities must to be done by the experienced personnel such as the engineers or the plumbers. You need to hire the experienced plumbing service providers to draw and do planning for the excellent structure. Plumbers may be experienced than you are that the reason as to why they are recommended. By consulting, you will reduce the cost of further installation and repair.