If you’re looking to freshen up the look of your rooms, going for a monochromatic scheme is a straightforward way of creating a harmonious look. This design strategy is commonly misunderstood, though.

Some people think that having a monochromatic motif can make a space look boring or monotonous. Meanwhile, others are overwhelmed at the thought of having limitations on the colors that they can play with.

Nonetheless, if you have a specific monochromatic vision in your mind for your home, this article can guide you on how to pull it off through wall décor. Aside from thinking about the paint to use for your wall, you can maximize décor like wall art prints to highlight the color that you pick.

4 Steps To Pull Off A Monochromatic Motif Using Wall Décor

With that in mind, here are a few steps you can take to achieve this vision:

Choose your color

When decorating, utilizing a monochromatic scheme doesn’t merely pertain to one color in a single value that’s seen across a particular room or space. While the term monochromatic does literally mean ‘one color’ in interior design, it talks about refining a hue in a number of ways and applying it in an area.

From paint to wall décor, going for the monochromatic route entails the challenge of balancing the single-hue mission while avoiding monotony. It can be easy to fall into the trap of making all décor uniform in color. However, rather than being attractive, your room can become an eyesore quickly.

4 Steps To Pull Off A Monochromatic Motif Using Wall Décor

Prevent a monochromatic motif from overpowering the space, even if it just has a single color, by maximizing tones, hues, and tints of the same hue. This way, you can create a unique look. Decorating with various shades can also make a room appear more spacious, which is why it works best for small areas.

Neutrals are an ideal choice for a monochromatic scheme. Unlike bold hues like reds, yellows, and oranges, colors such as beiges, creams, and grays won’t overpower one’s senses. As such, it creates a calming and relaxing environment. Lighter walls also help refresh your home and making it feel more open.

4 Steps To Pull Off A Monochromatic Motif Using Wall Décor

Of course, you have the option to choose vibrant hues if you wish to do so. Just make sure to use variations of the same color to keep the space from looking monotonous.

Consider texture

Texture adds interest to a space by providing uneven surfaces that light hits differently. Even when using the same color, varied textures can make a hue appear light and dark. One way to incorporate this factor through your wall décor is by hanging cool wall tapestries.

4 Steps To Pull Off A Monochromatic Motif Using Wall Décor

Being keen on the details can help you make your monochromatic design successful. It’s not just about choosing one color and using it all throughout a space. You should put a lot of thought into the shades and tints that will be utilized for your wall décor and add subtle variations with textures.

Play with patterns

Additionally, you can also add monochromatic patterns to generate visual interest without sacrificing your single-hue vision. Prints that feature shades and tints of your primary color can bring vibrancy into a room.

4 Steps To Pull Off A Monochromatic Motif Using Wall Décor

If you’re looking for a way to bring depth to your monochromatic motif, you should incorporate patterns into your wall décor. However, remember to use them cautiously so that you can keep your room’s design simple and harmonious. Make sure they complement the textures that you have in place as well.

Find some accents

A contrasting tone can emphasize the monochromatic look of your rooms. It can add visual interest and serve as an eye-catching element of surprise in any space.

If you choose a neutral look, you can direct your guests’ eyes to a focal point by using a bold hue, like pink or red. For instance, you can choose colors from nature, like pastel greens and blues, for your living room walls and incorporate bold-colored wall art prints and other hanging ornaments to bring a bit of liveliness into the space.

4 Steps To Pull Off A Monochromatic Motif Using Wall Décor

Don’t let yourself be shackled and limited by implied monochromatic stereotypes. You can definitely break the rules as long as you do so artfully. Being less formulaic and perfect ensures that you create a beautifully designed space that’s also livable.


You can pull off a monochromatic design for your home by choosing the right wall décor. Aside from thinking about what color to paint your walls, the decorations you incorporate into the space also play a significant role in the success of your vision.

Consider the textures, patterns, and accents that you can hang on the walls. Achieving the perfect monochromatic motif is all about being keen on the details to provide subtle variations of the same color. This way, your rooms will look anything but monotonous.