When it comes to home maintenance, air duct cleaning plays an integral part to having fresh air circulating in your house. They are hidden in the ground or behind dry walls, carrying warm air during winter and cooling air during summer time. The air in the room is carried in the HVAC system for re-cooling or reheating, and filtering.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning eliminates particles which could develop over time within the air duct. The particles could include things like pollen, dust from flowers planted outside, a mold which grew during the past heavy rain once the roof leaked, allergens and fur from family pets or unwanted rodents.

4 Tips to Selecting a Great Air Duct Cleaning Service in Your Area

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How exactly do you go about choosing an air duct cleaning company that will get the work done and leave you feeling satisfied? If you are looking for a duct cleaning company that is close to your area, the tips below will help you find a great air ducting cleaning company in your area.

  1. How Often You Should Clean

Be careful about companies that claim you should clean your ducts frequently. Most experts, such as Denver air duct cleaning services recommend that you should clean your duct on a need basis. If you come across a company that tells you to clean your air duct often, think twice about settling on that business. You might be tempted to clean your air duct often, but it is advisable to do it every three to five years.

4 Tips to Selecting a Great Air Duct Cleaning Service in Your Area

2. Kind Of Cleaning Method They Will Use

Most cleaning businesses utilize a vacuum-like method to eliminate mold, dirt, and debris out of the HVAC system. A company may want to use substances such as antimicrobial chemicals to clean your ducts. There’s no need to use these chemicals unless there are signs of fungal or mold growth within your ducts which would require they use such chemicals. Should you decide to settle on such a company, you need to make sure that the Environmental Protection Agency approves the chemical they intend on using in the HVAC system.

4 Tips to Selecting a Great Air Duct Cleaning Service in Your Area

3. Make Sure You Get an Agreement in Writing

You might have seen an advertisement from a company that says they’ll clean your entire house for $99. This seems like a deal which sounds too good to be true. Sometimes we are tempted to accept cheap labor, but as we all know it, cheap is expensive. Revenue gimmicks and ads might not mention the price of extras and add-ons. Before employing an HVAC duct cleaning firm, be sure to get an agreement in writing which shows a cost break down of everything needed during the process.

4 Tips to Selecting a Great Air Duct Cleaning Service in Your Area

4. Ask for References

Any company that does good work should have satisfied customers who they can use as a reference. Do some research before picking a company to clean your ducts. Read online reviews to see the good things and maybe not so good ones that people are saying about the company you want to select. Ask friends, neighbors and family members to advocate reputable cleaning businesses.