We’re often bombarded with images on Facebook and Instagram of people living the jetsetter life. As they post pictures and videos of them seemingly living life to the fullest in different places, we often wonder how they do that.

The secret really lies in budgeting and being as frugal wherever possible. We’ve put together a list of useful travel hacks that a lot of frequent flyers and travel bloggers use. You may want to cash in on these to help you fulfill your own travel goals.

Opt for a travel credit card

If you’re constantly going on trips to a different state or country, getting a travel credit card may be a good idea. By having a travel credit card, you get to accumulate points if you spend a certain amount of money on your card. These points can then be exchanged for a plane ticket to your next destination or a hotel room upgrade.

4 Travel Hacks for the Budget Conscious Nomad

Some travel credit cards have affiliations with hotels and airlines that restrict when cardholders can redeem rewards. Different hotels and airlines have different peak seasons, so consider these when finding the best travel credit card for you.

Live like the locals do

When you’re traveling to a different country, you don’t look for the familiar. The best way to really experience the culture of that country is to try and put yourself in the shoes of the locals. Get recommendations on places to eat, sleep, or while away the day.

4 Travel Hacks for the Budget Conscious Nomad

If you ask common folk how they live their life, chances are you’ll happen upon haunts that not only give you a more authentic experience, but will save you a good amount of your hard-earned savings that you budgeted for this trip.

Go for the free option

A long time ago, when travelers found themselves at the gates of a different city, they would often go to an inn, offering their services in exchange for food or lodging. Although this practice has largely gone out of fashion, rendering services in exchange for a place to stay is a great way to reduce your travel expenses.

4 Travel Hacks for the Budget Conscious Nomad

Instead of staying in a hotel, you might want to consider rooming with other travelers in a hostel, which is a lot cheaper. You may even want to try out Couchsurfing, where you get to stay in the home of a local. It’s a great way to meet new people and enrich your travel experience. And the best part is, it’s free!

Travel during off seasons

Different countries have different peak seasons. Most tourists flock to Southeast Asian countries during the summer, while fewer people go to European countries in the winter time. Because of these changes in consumer demand, airlines often bring down their prices to entice more people to fly even when it isn’t peak season.

4 Travel Hacks for the Budget Conscious Nomad

If you want to travel on a budget, it’s highly recommended that you travel in the off seasons so you can get plane tickets at low prices. There are a number of websites that can help you compare airfares between different airlines to help you find the cheapest flights.