Ever thought of turning your basement into an entertainment room, a library, or a cozy place for the family to relax? Yes, the dull basement that you use as storage now can turn into a livable space for you and your family. Here are four budget-friendly yet unique basement upgrade tips that you can try.

Go for Stenciled Cement Floor Treatment

Most basements have a spacious area that makes it expensive to install carpet or hardwood flooring. A budget-friendly yet creative way to upgrade your basement flooring is through the use of stencils.

4 Unique Basement Upgrade Tips Without Breaking the Bank

Photo by Royal Design Studio Stencils

All you need is your chosen stencil and the floor paint with the color of your choice. You may try to mix and match decorations and styles. Pick a combination of small and large patterns for a fun vibe. If you are not sure what design to choose, make an appointment for a consultation with the best basement contractors Toronto.

Use Reclaimed Barn Planks Panel

Reclaimed barn planks are your best option for paneling your basement wall. Aside from giving it a perfect sophisticated look, it costs less compared to using ceramic or wood tiles.

4 Unique Basement Upgrade Tips Without Breaking the Bank

Photo by Reclaimed DesignWorks

Once you have your materials, you can start preparing for installation. Start by sanding the barn planks. For better and long-lasting results, put wood stains on your barn boards. For better control and balance of the stain, you may choose to apply it once the installation of the panels is complete.

Install a Drink Bar

Another great idea for family bonding in the basement is to set up a drink bar. You can use metal or wooden brackets for a high table. If you prefer something rustic, pick a bronze or black metal pipes for brackets for additional support for your table set-up. However, if you are in for a modern vibe, utilize corrugated metal sheets on the base of your bar table. Complete the look with a couple of barstools, pin or tube lights, and of course, your choice of drinks.

4 Unique Basement Upgrade Tips Without Breaking the Bank

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Utilize Inexpensive Dividers

Another smart way to upgrade your basement is to utilize room dividers. You can create various spaces for entertainment, reading, or sleeping. Inexpensive room divider options include:

  • Reuse bi-fold doors and their bi-fold blinds from DotcomBlinds. You may attach the doors to hinges to make a folding screen effect. Make sure to install the doors securely to prevent any mishap. Paint a mural on the door for a more artistic mood.
  • Use cheap metal grid dividers. Pick an open pattern to give a glimpse of what is happening on the other side of the room. You may also choose a Roman or Arabic pattern for more sophisticated grid design.

4 Unique Basement Upgrade Tips Without Breaking the Bank

Photo by Yaniv Schwartz

Take Home-Tip

With a little creativity and imagination, you can transform your old basement into something unique and astonishing without emptying your pockets. Make sure to give time to envision and plan what you want to happen. If you need expert advice, feel free to have a consultation from the best basement contractors in Toronto. While going for a DIY seem to cost less, consulting the experts can ensure long-lasting and better results.