4 Unique Things to Do for Your Next Family Reunion

Getting together with the family, especially at a reunion, is a joyous time. You have the opportunity to spend quality moments with relatives whom you may not see on a regular basis. However, you and your family members might find that you’re growing tired of the same rituals, so you can work to start new traditions to refresh the reunion.

Have a Recipe Share

Families love to pass recipes down from one generation to the next, and you can bring this tradition into the family reunion. Ask each guest to bring a recipe passed down from a member of the family. You can ask that everyone make their recipes and bring a recipe card to share with the group. Everyone could walk through and take pictures of the recipe cards that they want to bring home with them while they sample the food. If your family is daring and competitive in a friendly way, you could have a challenge to see who made the best dish.

4 Unique Things to Do for Your Next Family Reunion

Visit the Wineries

Instead of planning to meet at a park or a house, plan an outing to the local vineyards. If you live close to a number of vineyards, you could go on a wine tour by getting a bus rental big enough for the entire family. Some vineyards allow you to bring in food, and others sell food there. You could plan to spend extra time at one of the wineries so that everyone can eat lunch and mingle. Make sure to call the winery ahead of time as many such entities require reservations for groups.

4 Unique Things to Do for Your Next Family Reunion

Do a Dedication

You’ve probably heard of people planting trees in honor of someone or naming stars for the same reason. When your family gets together for the next time, do the same. You could all pick out a star that you want to name, or you could plant a tree in a natural space that has special meaning to your family. This space can be a place that family members turn to or visit in between the reunions.

4 Unique Things to Do for Your Next Family Reunion

Hire a Chef

Many families plan reunions where everyone brings food in a potluck style. When your family plans the next reunion, consider hiring a chef to come to the house or to the party space. A number of companies offer packages for food and entertainment. While you are all spending time together, you can get in some great laughs and have exquisite cuisine prepared for you.

4 Unique Things to Do for Your Next Family Reunion

You can make your family reunion more comfortable and exciting by staying in a great place. Staying in an Adelaide Hills family accommodation that’s very relaxing and comfortable with great views and family-friendly activities can make your vacation more fun and memorable.

Chances are that you’re eagerly awaiting your next family reunion. However, you might be tired of engaging in the same traditions. Now is the time to bring in some new ones.

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