If you plan on going on vacation in the near future and won’t be taking your car, then there are a few steps that you will need to take in order to protect that vehicle. Simply leaving your car or truck in your driveway for long periods of time could result in a wide array of problems ranging from theft to mechanical issues.

Carry Out Some Basic Maintenance

Even if you have recently had your car serviced, there could still be a few maintenance tasks to carry out if the vehicle isn’t going to be driven for quite some time. In addition to visually inspecting all of the hoses and belts, you should also double-check all of the fluids. If the vehicle hasn’t been serviced in the last six months, then you might want to have all of the fluids replaced.

How to Protect Your Car While on Vacation

Clean the Interior and Exterior

Cleaning your car might seem like a waste of time if it isn’t going to be driven, but this step is actually very important. Letting road salt or other debris sit on the paint for more than few days could result in permanent damage. You should also consider having a professional polish and wax your car so that there is an extra layer of protection against the elements.

How to Protect Your Car While on Vacation

Top Off the Tank

For longer trips, you will probably need to top off the gas tank as well. When the gas isn’t topped off, condensation will slowly begin to collect near the top of the tank. As soon as you start your car again, all of that excess moisture is going to be pulled into the engine. Filling the tank up will minimize how much moisture can collect around the fuel meter, filling hose, and sending unit.

How to Protect Your Car While on Vacation

Find a Secure Storage Facility

To ensure that someone will keep an eye on your vehicle, you might want to store it at a car storage facility. Those types of facilities are usually fairly inexpensive, and many of them have robust security systems as well as trained guards. You could also be given a fairly sizable discount if you store your vehicle for multiple weeks at a time.

How to Protect Your Car While on Vacation

While carrying out these steps is going to take you a little bit of time, that hard work will pay off. No one wants to get home from their relaxing vacation only to find out that their car has been damaged or stolen.

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