Vacations are crucial to long-term stress management, but it’s not enough to just take them. You need to make sure that your trip involves certain activities that leave you coming back with a renewed zest for life. Knowing activities worth trying while on vacation helps you plan the best trip possible.

Get Underwater

Scuba diving is a great experience for those who are qualified, and snorkeling lets you see underwater while still near the surface. An interesting hybrid in between them is snuba, where your air tank floats on the water of the surface and you dive as far as the hose lets you go.

5 Activities Worth Trying While on Vacation

Eat Something Unthinkable

Many resorts and cruise ships have a menu category daring you to try something you’ve never had before. Whether it’s escargot or alligator, you can sample things you don’t get the chance to back home.

5 Activities Worth Trying While on Vacation


You can experience this unique thrill for yourself while in the hands of a trained professional that comes with you from the plane all the way to your safe return to the surface. The view and trip down are memories you get all to yourself, but you also get to come home and tell people you jumped out of a moving plane. There are many places that offer such an adventure. You may even be able to skydive in your local area to get a mini vacation. It is something that is often looked at as an adrenaline rush or for adrenaline junkies, but even if you aren’t looking for the thrill, the view alone is worth the ride up and the flight down.

5 Activities Worth Trying While on Vacation

Hot Air Balloon Ride

If the thought of jumping out of a plane and rocketing to the earth doesn’t enthrall you, do something more gentle. A hot air balloon ride might still challenge your fear of heights, but it will also give you a view of the world around you as you’ve never had before.

5 Activities Worth Trying While on Vacation


If you’re afraid of dancing because you’re worried about how you might look, then that’s an understandable reason not to do much dancing around friends, family, and acquaintances back home. When you’re on the road, who cares? If you’re on a cruise ship or at a resort surrounded by people you’ll likely never see again, get on the floor and try some moves. Most of the time, there will be a class or instruction available so everyone can embarrass themselves together.

5 Activities Worth Trying While on Vacation

Find the Right Mix

The right vacation is likely to be a combination of rest, relaxation, and pampering balanced with some adventure or at least trying out new things. Give any activity that’s possible at least a moment of consideration before you decide to rule out what could be one of the best memories of your life.

5 Activities Worth Trying While on Vacation

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