In the modern business world, Internet marketing has already become one of the key types of online service for the sale or rental of premises. The correct location and attractive price of an apartment or house are considered important aspects of the path to success. However, you will hardly succeed in “selling” this attractive object if you do not reach out to your target audience.

In the last year, almost all companies, as well as their target audience, went online. Therefore, the popular majority of standard promotion channels became ineffective. The new reality has brought its corresponding changes, such as an increase in an already long transaction cycle. Business processes have become even more complex. It has become more difficult to control the work of employees and maintain close contact with customers.

Top Marketing Tools Every Real Estate Agency Should Use

There is also a struggle for a client, so it is necessary to be flexible, focus on strategic decisions, and debug new business processes. And this is where digital marketing tools come in handy and should be reconsidered.

Promising Technology in the Real Estate Field

There are certain types of business tools that can both increase sales and help to further gain a foothold in the market.

  • A comprehensive study of the whole purchase of an apartment is a rather lengthy process, which potential buyers approach in an integrated manner. That is, they study the available objects, collect information, and compare prices. You also need to interact with the audience, creating demand and supporting them all the way to the purchase;
  • Promotion of the user along the path from entering the site to the targeted action. At this stage, it is important to show your customers the rented houses and customer reviews;
  • 3D models and virtual staging solutions from Spotless Agency are a demonstration of the future apartment as another way to keep the user’s attention. Seeing different buildings and flats, your customers will make a purchase decision easier and faster;
  • Interact and engage with your customers online. Mask is a non-obvious tool that has become the trend of 2021 on the Instagram app. Due to the organic distribution within social networks, masks with the company logo provide quick recognition and contribute to greater audience coverage. Masks can also be aimed at the entertainment of the audience;
  • A dashboard is a key tool for remote control of the work of the marketing and sales departments. The dashboard integrates and syncs the work of all departments, visualizing this data in a convenient format for the employee. For example, you can be at home and monitor the implementation of a sales plan. With its help, you can see the “weak points” and “growth zones” of the business. This allows you to make the right management decisions. Besides that, the dashboard helps to track the effectiveness of each advertising channel and boost the efficiency of the sales department.

Top Marketing Tools Every Real Estate Agency Should Use

Anything Else Matters?

A detailed study of consumer preferences through Big Data allows developers to create a product that best suits the needs of their target audience. At the same time, consumer demands are becoming stricter and stricter. Ten years ago, people were ready to buy everything being on offer; however, modern customers require a large selection, maximally adapted to constantly changing needs.

Top Marketing Tools Every Real Estate Agency Should Use

Big Data allows developers to adapt the product to the target audience. In order to become interesting to the consumer, real estate companies need a thorough study of the target audience. Having subject knowledge about a target audience, the marketer performs consumer segmentation and creates individual contact points and different messages for different audience clusters.

In addition, the proposed product should have the capabilities for personalization. This is most often manifested in a variety of architectural and planning solutions, giving the buyer a sense of the uniqueness of the acquired space.

Top Marketing Tools Every Real Estate Agency Should Use

At the same time, real estate agents should be always exploring different marketing channels. As a rule, successful companies use more than one promotion channel. At the same time, they track the effectiveness of different channels and use a variety of tools to collect and process all incoming requests. Among them are virtual PBX, call-tracking, CRM systems. All of these instruments not only make it possible to understand where buyers come from but also to further maintain communication with them.