Travel blogs are incomplete without pictures. They help in narrating the story of your adventures and inspire the viewers to go out there and satisfy their wanderlust.

However, not everyone is a born photographer! In fact, many of us are guilty of lacking the skills required to take appealing pictures of different destinations we visit.

Well, this is nothing to be ashamed of if the case is the same with you! Thanks to stock photos, you can find breathtaking pictures of any country in the world. There are various places where you can acquire travel images for free. However, if you are looking for legally safe photos for commercial use, it’s better to choose images from affordable stock photo websites

In the guide below, we have listed some of the best sites for free travel-niche photos. If you are a travel blogger, you can use photos from these websites to lure readers to your blog.


One of the most popular websites to find free pictures for your travel blog is It offers high-quality images which you can use without giving credit to the photographer.

Unsplash is probably one of the first websites to initiate the trend of free images. After its success, many other websites have replicated the progress and brought similar platforms to the mainstream.

5 Awesome Sites to Find Free Photos for your Travel Blog

In the years since then, Unsplash has become the most popular site for providing free images. It boasts more than 2 million high-resolution free images from the most talented and generous photographers around. Every image you see on the platform is handpicked and curated exclusively by the Unsplash team.

The search features offered by the site are also pretty straightforward. By tagging locations on your photos, you can search and filter the photos based on the required location. In short, there is no better place to look for high-quality free images than Unsplash.


Another site you can use to find free travel photos is Over 140,000 high-quality travel images have been carefully selected and tagged by staff, making it easy for the photographers to find the right images instantly and accurately.

5 Awesome Sites to Find Free Photos for your Travel Blog

They have travel images that rival Unsplash in quality, and the website has one of the most advanced search engines. This is why leading companies like Canva, Sketch, and Typeform trust and use it as a free photo search engine.

Pexels is an excellent option to find travel photos for your personal blog and marketing campaigns. It is also a good choice if you are looking for pictures to use in editorial content.

Next on our list of websites with free travel-related photos is While the collection offered here is smaller than the other websites mentioned in this guide, the quality is at par with leading stock photo agencies.

5 Awesome Sites to Find Free Photos for your Travel Blog

One of the most significant benefits of using is the ability to edit images directly from the website. Simply modify the pictures any way you like using the built-in editing tools before downloading.

A new collection of pictures is also added regularly, so keep checking the website. You will definitely find something unique to fill your blog with!


Reshot offers around 1,700 free travel images. These pictures are provided by individuals from the photography community all over the world. They are also carefully curated around a selected theme, making it easy to find the required pictures.

5 Awesome Sites to Find Free Photos for your Travel Blog

One of the perks of using Reshot is that they are supported by one of the leading creative agencies, Envato Elements. So, as far as quality goes, you can expect to find stuff of the same standard.

The pictures are available for both commercial and personal projects. They can be used any way you find fit, and giving credits to the original owner is unnecessary.

Travel Coffee Book

A team of dedicated travel photographers created a collection of fantastic travel photos for Travel Coffee Book. Their images have been covering locations all across the globe since 2014, and they have since posted images from every country.

5 Awesome Sites to Find Free Photos for your Travel Blog

Although it has a large collection, its website isn’t very search-friendly (powered by Tumblr). However, the pictures you see in the Travel Coffee Book are all full of heart and soul. So, if you are looking for a travel image that preserves a photographer’s spirit, that is where you’ll find it.

Final Words

Images create the first impression of your blog. And for a travel-niche blog, free stock photos are a blessing. The good thing is that there is nothing wrong with using these pictures, and you are allowed to use them any way you want. As long as you don’t take the credit for authorship, you are free from every copyright limitation as well.

Give these five websites a try and impress your followers. I am sure they will entice the audience and keep them coming back for more travel inspiration. Good luck!