Are you a person who loves a beautiful garden with blossoming buds? There is no doubt that flowers make a garden beautiful. However, there is also no doubt that birds enhance the beauty of a garden by a large margin. If you are living in the UK, you can find a variety of birds humming in your garden. All you need is some great flowers and some wild bird foods to attract them. Some of the common birds which would make your garden look beautiful and colourful are listed below


Robin is one of the commonly sighted birds in the gardens in the UK. With its immensely attractive color combination, the Robin can be sighted from far away.  It has a bright color combination in terms of feathers. The robin is counted as a symbol of Christmas celebrations and it is spotted in gardens during the month of November and December.

5 Beautiful Birds that you can Photograph in Your Garden


Chaffinch is also a common bird of the UK region. The best thing about this bird is that it would rarely land on a table filled with food. Chaffinch liked to find its food in the trees and between plants. This bird can be heard from a long distance due to its sweet but penetrating humming sound. You may hear it humming in your garden during the evening and morning hours.

5 Beautiful Birds that you can Photograph in Your Garden

Black Bird

There is an unusual point about black bird. You will only find the male partner flying in your garden. The females rarely vacate the nest for anything.  However, you can easily identify these birds with the glimpse of an eye due to the unique color combination. As the name suggests, the male blackbird has a black colored body and the beak is of a shade between yellow and orange. The female bird has a brown colored body with spots.

5 Beautiful Birds that you can Photograph in Your Garden

Blue Tit

Blue tit is one of the most beautiful and cutest looking birds that can be seen in the gardens of the UK. This bird has a very soft fur coat with a color combination of green, blue and yellow. Blue tit is a winder bird and it flies in the form of a flock searching for food. When this colorful bird sits on the green plants and trees, it is an amazing sight to watch.

5 Beautiful Birds that you can Photograph in Your Garden


In terms of size, Gold Crest can be termed as the smallest bird in the United Kingdom. The base color of their body is beige and it cannot be termed as a brightly colored bird. The color combinations differ in terms of genders. The male goldcrest has an orange colored stripe on the head while the female does not.

5 Beautiful Birds that you can Photograph in Your Garden

If you have a garden, you need to take care of it with effectiveness. These beautiful birds can only be seen in gardens that have colorful blossoming flowers. In addition to that, there are several species of birds that can be seen in UK in gardens. However, all species are not seen in all weathers.