One of the most important items you must have in your home is a pruning tool. You will require trimming tree branches within your compound from time to time which means that you need to choose a suitable pruning tool that will help you to do that effectively. These tools are very different in terms of design, shape and size. Each one of them is suitable for a specific task.

In this article, we shall reveal the best pruning tools you should consider and their functions. This will make your work easier when determining the best tool you should use for each pruning task.

6 Must Have Pruning Tools

Best Pruning Tools You Can Find Today

  1. Hedge shears – Hedge shears comes with different types of blades and has a comfortable handle which makes it easy to use. It uses gear-driven or single action and features blades with blades that are 7-9 inches long. The handles are 9-15 inches long. Anytime you want to trim thin branches with a diameter of ¼ inch or less, shears will be the best pruning tool to use. You can also use it to trim thin-limbed shrubs such as privet.
    6 Must Have Pruning Tools
  2. Loppers – Loppers have a length of 36 inches and they usually have long handles which allows them to trim overhead branches or branches that are not easy to reach. They are very reliable when cutting very thick and massive limbs. You can use them to cut branches with a diameter of 1-2 ½ inches. If you are searching for a tool you can use for pruning fruit trees like pear, apple, vines and peach, loppers will be the best. They are also suitable for cutting nut trees such as chestnut and pecan.
    6 Must Have Pruning Tools
  3. Pole pruners – Pole pruners are suitable for those in need of a tool they can use to trim tall shrubs or trees. They have a unique design which features a hand pruner blade which is fixed on a pole. There is also a rope which hangs downwards. Once you pull the rope, the blades closes and this enables them to cut easily.
  4. Pruning saw – A pruning saw is the best when you want to cut branches that are larger than 2 inches. Unlike the normal saws that are used by carpenters, these ones use a push and pull action when cutting. The most notable thing about them is that they come with a blade with a length of 12-18 inches. However, some comes with shorter blades.
  5. Pole saws – Pole saws are used to cut overhead branches. They are lightweight and very reliable. You will also find that they feature a blade on one side and a pruner on the other side. There are different types of pole saws such as gas poles saws, electric pole saw and we also have battery pole saw. Make sure you choose only the best pole saw if you want to cut overhead branches efficiently.
    6 Must Have Pruning Tools
  6. Pruners – These ones are very light and easy to maneuver as compared to shears and loppers. They are the best when you want to make precision snips or when you want to thin out unwanted branches. Again, they are able to reach any part even those that other pruning tools cannot reach. With a pruner, you can easily cut soft branches with a diameter of ¾ inch or hard wood with ½ inch across. The different types of pruners include.

  • Bypass pruner – This one works just like the normal scissors. It features a curved cutting blade and it is the best for removing growing stems or pruning thin shrubs. You can also use it to trim, flowers and woody perennials.
  • Anvil pruner – Anvil pruner uses a wedge shaped top blade and cuts through a splitting action. It is suitable for cutting woody-stem shrubs, dry stems and branches.
  • Ergonomic pruners- These ones are available in different shapes and sizes. They also feature handles that swivel when cutting. The handles also contain different levels of padding to make your work easier when using them.

Safety Measures You Should Take When Using Pruning Tools

Anytime you are using a pruning tool, you need to be very careful especially when cutting overhead branches and limbs. It is advisable to use face shield, helmet or a pair of safety glasses. You may also need to use gloves to give you a better grip and to keep your hands comfortable when pruning. You also need to ensure that you know how to use the tool effectively. In case you are not sure, it is good to check the user guide provided by the manufacturer. If you dont feel confident enough to do it yourself, you can always get tree pruning service done by certified arborists from The Local Tree Experts.

6 Must Have Pruning Tools

The Bottom Line

Those are the most popular pruning tools, you should consider. As you may have realized, they are very different and each one of them is suitable for a specific task. Therefore, you need to think of how you will be using the tool before purchasing. Doing this will enable you to pick the right tool that matches your pruning your requirements. You also need to be careful when using any of them to prevent accidents.