If you are itching to get out and explore the world, you would be wise to consider a career path that provides you with the opportunity to travel. Several different careers have travel built into the job descriptions. Here are five career paths that will allow you to travel the world.

Teacher Abroad

If you are an educator, you will find loads of teaching jobs available abroad. The demand is especially high for English teachers in the STEM fields. Accepting a teaching abroad position is a good idea for somebody who wants to completely immerse themselves in one particular destination rather than hopping around to different areas.

5 Career Paths that Will Allow you to Travel the World

Some universities or schools will even put you up in one of their living accommodations. This will make it easier to earn a significant amount of money because your overall costs are minimized. You can either choose to pursue a temporary position or go after a permanent job in a location that you want to dive into learning about.

Aviation Industry

It is only natural that the aviation industry provides plenty of opportunities to travel the globe. Depending on your educational background and work experience, you can try anything from a flight attendant to a pilot to a career that focuses on the back-end engineering end of this exciting industry.

5 Career Paths that Will Allow you to Travel the World

When looking for job openings in the aviation industry, your best path is to check out an online service to help you to explore your options. A service such as Total Aviation Staffing will put you in touch with the best positions in the industry, helping you to maximize the odds that you land the job of your dreams.

Travel Nurse

If you have a medical background, you will find loads of career opportunities in this field. One of the hottest career paths in terms of salary potential and advancement opportunities is in the travel nursing sphere. With healthcare providers in great demand, many clinics and providers are contracting out nursing positions to qualified individuals willing to travel to them and fill in where there may be shortages.

5 Career Paths that Will Allow you to Travel the World

Travel nurses generally work under contracts that can last just a few weeks up to a few years. Most travel nurses will work a typical 40-hour week in four 10-hour shifts. This schedule gives you the time to get out and explore the destination that you have been assigned to work.

Travel Blogger or Photographer

One of the most fun jobs in the travel industry is in the field of blogging or photography. As a travel blogger, you will write about a wide variety of topics ranging from basic travel recommendations to cultural insights. Most freelance travel bloggers travel regionally or internationally sharing their experiences through words and crafted social media posts. This is a great job for somebody with good communication skills and creativity.

5 Career Paths that Will Allow you to Travel the World

Another related career path is a job as a travel photographer. As bloggers, this is an ideal career for people who are creative and like to express themselves through their talents. For something steadier, consider a career as a wedding photographer stationed at a destination where couples often choose to tie the knot. While it may take some time to build up a portfolio and client base, this career can be extremely lucrative once you have established yourself.

Event Planner

Event planners are in high demand as many corporations have decided to contract these positions out rather than keeping them in-house. An event planner is in charge of the coordination of special events, meetings, and other corporate activities. As an event planner, you would be tasked with duties such as setting up catering, organizing hotel room blocks, and more.

5 Career Paths that Will Allow you to Travel the World

There are a variety of different avenues to pursue as an event planner. You can choose to work as a freelance planner or accept a permanent position in an industry that will require regular travel.

These five career paths are just the start of the ways that you can make money while scratching your itch for wanderlust. Have the best of both worlds by choosing a career path that provides ample opportunities to travel.