A dream job is the one that lets you see the world. Today, we are going to discuss five of them. Keep in mind that this list will only encompass five different types of careers to keep things interesting, rather than talking about variations of the same job over and over again. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Teach English in Non-English Speaking Countries

The English language may rank third on the list of the most spoken languages in the entire world, but it is the only language that connects people from several different sections of the world together. So, working as a traveling English teacher in non-English speaking countries can let you see the world, while you do your bit to connect different cultures.

5 Jobs that Can Let You Travel to Exotic Locations

Work as a Historian

Contrary to popular stereotypes, historians do not always sit in libraries and guard old books, or take history classes all the times! If you can complete your graduation via the online wing of the Norwich University master in history program, the reputation of the institution and the detailed education received at the Norwich University might just help you land a job as a protector of national or international historic sites. Aside from the advantage of working in some of the world’s most scenic and historic sites for preservation purposes, historians also work with archeologists as they uncover mysteries of the past, or they may assist and direct TV and movie production companies in accurately depicting the history of a particularly interesting part of the world.

5 Jobs that Can Let You Travel to Exotic Locations

International Flight Attendant

The hours can be pretty crazy, and your schedule will undoubtedly be erratic, but you will get to travel the world free of cost, even when you are flying on vacation. Also, the pay on international flights is nothing to scoff at either, especially considering all your perks. The qualifications necessary are usually limited to prior experience in the hospitality business, GED, and a charming personality, but it does help a lot if you are in good shape.

5 Jobs that Can Let You Travel to Exotic Locations

Travel Blogger

A lot of people are trying to do this nowadays, so it isn’t as easy anymore as it sounds. Nevertheless, if you are skilled with both the camera and the proverbial pen (keyboard to be precise though!), you can make a go of it. The idea is to simply travel to various sections of the globe, upload pictures and write about your culinary experiences, cultural interactions, wild adventures and everything else. If you manage to stand out and your blog becomes a hit, you could soon be earning a decent income or even become rich like these famous travel bloggers.

5 Jobs that Can Let You Travel to Exotic Locations


Finally, we have something on our list that isn’t exactly a career path but an exploration and utilization of your job skills in different sections of the world. Undoubtedly, you will need to be really good at what you do, but as long as you are confident on that part, any of the following professions can become your freelance career options in different sections of the world. Remember that this is not a definitive list, but just a suggestive one.

  • Photography and videography
  • Singing, playing musical instruments
  • Artist
  • Acting
  • Doctors, nurses, and other medical fields
  • Coding
  • Accounting
  • Driving
  • Interpreter
  • Therapist

5 Jobs that Can Let You Travel to Exotic Locations

There are just so many positive sides to landing a job that allows you to travel that it isn’t even fair on everyone else! After all, while most people are busy saving money for their next exotic trip, you are probably getting paid to experience everything that an exotic island has to offer to its visitors.