Paris is among the top touristic destinations in France. Every year, around $30 million people visit The City of Lights (Daily Mail, March 2014). This is an unforgettable destination. But, do you really think you can experience the real France in the city that hosts so many tourists every day? In order to save money and to explore more authentic places around the world, try visiting some of the step-sister destinations to famous touristic sites.

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Thailand is an amazing destination. Most people think about the exotic island of Phuket when they think about Thailand. But, if you take the ferry, you can reach Koh Phi Phi. These island is just as beautiful, but it is still not that commercialized. So, if you want the same glorious sea and sun but lower prices, choose this gorgeous archipelago.

5 Cheap Step-Sister Destinations to Famous Touristic Sites

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Adriatic Sea is one of the most wonderful seas in the world. It is warm, clear and the climate is the pleasant Mediterranean climate. Italian coastline is swollen with tourist each year. However, just across Italy, the lovely Croatia shares the Adriatic Sea. It boasts around 2000 islands. All that for much lower prices than you’ll find in Italy. Dubrovnik is one of the kind touristic attraction. It has mesmerizing sea and stunning old town.

5 Cheap Step-Sister Destinations to Famous Touristic Sites

Corfu, Greece

When you think about the magical Greek islands, you think about Cyclades. These include unforgettable Santorini and Mykonos. While these are exclusive destinations, they are pricey as well. Luckily, Corfu is quite nearby. It is just as lovely and not as expensive. Your best bet is to find a local agent for your trip. Use the money saving Travel Pay system to pay the whole price in advance and that will definitely give you a significant discount. You will have a luxurious vacation for the price of an extended weekend at Santorini.

5 Cheap Step-Sister Destinations to Famous Touristic Sites

Budapest, Hungary

Glorious days of old European empires are gone. The remaining buildings make great touristic attractions. London, Paris and Rome gather millions throughout the year. However, just a little bit east, there is Budapest in all its glory. Situated on the Danube, it boasts eventful history and unbelievable prices. Its imperial history is just as present as the historical evidence from the communist regime. Both thrilling for tourists.

5 Cheap Step-Sister Destinations to Famous Touristic Sites

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Traveling to Cancun will cost you nerves and money. There are too many people there and you cannot really relax. Just like every underestimated step-sister, Playa del Carmen is just as near, just as beautiful, but ridiculously cheaper. All-inclusive resorts there can be booked for far less than the same resorts in Cancun. Even the field trips are less pricey.

5 Cheap Step-Sister Destinations to Famous Touristic Sites

If you open your mind a bit and sparkle your adventurous spirit, you can actually save a lot on your vacation. All these places are by no means less impressive than their famous twins. They are just less known and less exploited. These are good news, as it also means that they are far cheaper. Figure out the best time and the best season to visit them and you won’t be sorry.