The current year is said to be one of the most challenging people had to endure in recent memory. For businesses like yours that are thankfully able to thrive and become profitable during the whole year, you’re ought to be grateful not just for your excellent marketing plans or well-organized operational strategies; all of your best-laid goals will not be achieved without your employees’ effort and hard work.

Your workers are the heart and soul of your company. It’s highly advised that you be grateful for their tireless contribution and sense of ownership to your enterprise by incentivizing outstanding personnel performance. It’s said that many employees are happy to be recognized through a simple pat on the back or a monthly award that showcases their invaluable contribution to company growth.

Approaching every end of the year, most company workers get excited and imagine how their boss would top off the current year’s successful run. As an employer, you should never run out of ideas to reward your workforce members to keep them motivated to deliver the best work for you for the years to come. A good idea to consider is by doing a company-wide celebration via an all-paid getaway trip.

The following are just a few company getaway ideas, such as a wellness retreat and more, to end 2021 on a high note:

Wellness Retreat

For a well-deserved physical and mental reboot, you can treat your employees to a wellness retreat with activities centering on recharging their well-being. This getaway will also highlight the importance of work-life balance with your employees.

5 Company Getaway Ideas To End 2021 On A High Note

Your company’s wellness retreat may include a spa day with their choice of treatments like volcanic mud, chocolate body wrap, and coffee body scrub. You can also add in the most relaxing detox massage ever, all set in the majestic landscape of a 5-star hotel in the center of a luxurious rainforest in a tropical destination of your choice.

Exciting Cruise

What could be more rewarding than a cruise package for your employees? They’ll surely get more motivated when they know that they can spend several nights aboard a magnificent ship with a jam-packed itinerary at the end of the year.

5 Company Getaway Ideas To End 2021 On A High Note

A cruise can offer just about anything that land-based locations can. From elegant themed dinners, cocktails amidst a magical sunset, spa, fitness, and even a fun pool party. The possibilities are endless. Your employees will indeed feel that you appreciate them. Additionally, this incentivized travel for corporate gifting will be something they’d look forward to year after year.

Super Car Driving Experience

It’s said that a lot of employers today are slowly embracing adventure getaways as an incentive as the workforce gets younger and younger. Younger people tend to be adventurous and they want to make the most out of their lives as they constantly seek new experiences.

5 Company Getaway Ideas To End 2021 On A High Note

If your company workforce is comprised of a large number of yuppies or young professionals, a supercar driving experience in an exciting destination would be the best reward for them. Your employees can drive their supercar model of choice on an actual racing circuit. Let them enjoy adrenaline rush through their veins and course throughout their whole body as a means of escape from the humdrum days of everyday office labor.

Holiday Destination Under The Sun

A beach getaway is an incentive trip that’ll leave your employees in awe. Taking them to a place they usually can’t go to on their own will be an incredible experience that would make them feel that you value their contributions to the company.

Getting your employees to pack their bags and bring their swimsuits to a tropical place will make you the employer of the year.  Granting this incentive will most likely retain your best and brightest personnel.

5 Company Getaway Ideas To End 2021 On A High Note

Employee turnover is one dilemma of many leaders of a company. Employees jumping ship and working with the competition are prospects any entrepreneur doesn’t want to deal with. Crafting an incentive program such as a beach getaway will help you secure your most valued company members.

VIP Access To Your Workers’ Favorite Band or Artist

Enjoying music is believed to be one of the most universal hobbies almost everybody has. Aside from allowing your staff a chance to have a trip of a lifetime, you can score VIP tickets for your team to watch their favorite band or musician play in one of their tour’s out-of-state performances. Top it all off with an after-party event filled with food, drinks, and games to keep up the festivities.

5 Company Getaway Ideas To End 2021 On A High Note


Engaged employees are said to be happy and productive.  Keeping your workers motivated doesn’t concern complicated rocket science. One way to show that you highly value their dedication in exceeding expectations and sales goals, throw out a well-deserved, all-expense-paid, luxurious trip to serve as a treat at the end of each year. The abovementioned ideas are helpful examples you may consider in planning and carrying out company-sponsored employee reward excursions.