Most people in America think of traveling as jumping on the freeway system and powering their way through traffic to get to their destination as soon as possible. But imagine everything you could be missing along the way. Isn’t the rest of your life stressful enough? While traveling, it’s the perfect time to connect with nature and slow yourself down for a while.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can reconnect with the land while traveling through our beautiful country on your way toward adventures like private whale watching tours.

Take the Road Less Traveled

Although it will take some extra time to get to where you’re going, plan your trip where you avoid every freeway possible. Find a route that is mostly two-lane roads that go through small communities, farmland, and places you didn’t even know existed. This is where nature exists. You’ll be amazed by how many road-side stops you’ll come across that overlook scenic land or allow you to take hikes where there’s nothing around but nature.

Need to Get Away? How to Connect With Nature While Traveling

Make the stops. Enjoy what you’ve been missing.

Don’t Rush to Get to Your Destination

We’re so used to living with deadlines in our daily lives that we bring them along on our vacations. You think you need to be here by this time and there by that time. On this trip, let that all go. Make an effort to leave all your deadlines at home.

Need to Get Away? How to Connect With Nature While Traveling

Pay attention to road signs that point you in directions where you can connect with nature. They’re everywhere.

Stop and Smell the Roses. Literally.

While driving to your destination you might see a beautiful field of flowers just off the road. Pull the car over and walk through them. Pick the most beautiful ones and hand a bouquet to your wife.

Need to Get Away? How to Connect With Nature While Traveling

Stop at that waterfall and go stand near it, letting the refreshing spray cool and refresh you. Walk barefoot through a creek and sit on a rock enjoying the moment. These are the times in your vacation that you’ll remember.

Explore State and National Parks

Even if one of these oasis’ of nature is a bit out of your way, plan a few extra hours on your trip and head into one of America’s beautiful state or national parks. Spend a few hours there and be refreshed by the smells in the air.

Need to Get Away? How to Connect With Nature While Traveling

Road tripping down the freeway might be faster, but all the adventure of your trip is lost. Get into nature while traveling and experience a whole new world with these four tips.