5 Essentials Every Beginner Equestrian Needs

If you’ve found a love in the Equestrian sector or are just looking for a new hobby, then you’re going to need some basic equipment. This will help to ensure that you’re prepared to ride. It will also give you a good understanding of the tack needs that you’ll have. Let’s take a look at five of the basic essentials that every beginner equestrian will need.

Safety Gear

Safety gear should be your number one priority when getting started. A well-fitting helmet is necessary to protect you in case of falls. A safety vest is another aspect of your safety gear that you don’t want to do without. There are many different styles of vests and helmets that you can invest in. It’s best to go with basic gear first, then purchase more stylish gear later on.

5 Essentials Every Beginner Equestrian Needs

Riding Clothes

You can’t just wear any old clothes that you have hanging around your home to ride. First, you need to have a good pair of boots. These are to ensure that you have ankle stability while you’re riding. In addition, they’ll need to provide adequate traction for your feet while they’re in the stirrups. There are various styles of riding boots that you can purchase depending on the style of riding you plan on performing.

You’ll also need a well-fitted top and skinner leg pants that have minimal seams.

5 Essentials Every Beginner Equestrian Needs


Your horse will need their own items so that your riding experience can be safe and comfortable. Tack encompasses a wide variety of items that you’ll need. For example, the bridle, bit, reins, saddle, saddle pad, halter, lead rope, and other accessories. These will change depending on the type of horse that you have and the type of riding that you do. For example, English tack is going to look different from Western tack because of the activities that you’ll be doing when riding your horse.

5 Essentials Every Beginner Equestrian Needs

Grooming Items

Taking care of your horse is a must. Grooming items are on the essential list because your horse’s mane and body needs to be taken care of. Plus, grooming is one of the greatest ways to bond with your horse and check them over for any injuries after riding. Some common items in this category are shedding blades, clippers, hoof picks, mane brush, and curry comb.

5 Essentials Every Beginner Equestrian Needs

House Feed

You need to keep your horse strong and healthy. Just like any other pet, you need to give them a safe environment with healthy food. You should have food picked out alongside the necessary supplements and treats. Don’t be afraid to ask your instructor for help picking out the right brand of food for your horse.

5 Essentials Every Beginner Equestrian Needs

Deciding to invest your time in the hobby of equestrian fun can be an exhilarating experience. Just like any other hobby, there are some upfront investments you’ll need to be financially prepared for. At the most basic level, the above five essentials should get you through your first leg of the journey of the equestrian world.

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