For all those passionate environmentalists, seeking to work for the conservation and preservation of the natural habitats of wild and marine life, volunteering abroad for animal welfare programs is the best place to get in action. Most of these ecosystems are disrupted due rapid commercialization and ignorance towards the natural habitat of these animals and the stark reality is that this is significantly disrupting not just their but also our lives.

Find a variety of stimulating programs on that gives you a chance to construct or maintain sanctuaries or go a step further and research over the discovered and also undiscovered species of animals on our planet to help sustain this circle of life.

Top 5 Animal Welfare Countries

Here are the top 5 countries with the most exciting and versatile projects that provides hands on experiences of research and conservation for animal welfare in the world.

South Africa

One of the most exciting countries to travel, South Africa is also a major spot for volunteers passionate about wildlife conservation. Projects like Wildlife Sanctuary ,Big 5, African Wildlife Ranch maintains a safe haven for orphaned and injured animals who cannot survive on their own like elephants, lions, tigers, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, as well as free-range game, such as giraffes, wildebeest, zebras, warthogs, impalas, waterbucks, and the red hartebeest.

Top 5 Animal Welfare Countries

For volunteers seeking projects regarding marine life, programs like Penguin and Marine Bird Sanctuary and Great White Shark conservation places volunteers with ecotourism organizations and certified research centres that are promoting marine conservation within community and to tourists.

Costa Rica

A natural wonderland of lush forests, waterfalls, volcanoes and beautiful national parks, Costa Rica is a rapidly developing country, avidly working for marine conservation and other animal welfare projects.

Top 5 Animal Welfare Countries

Get a chance to travel throughout the San Jose Valley and Tortuguero Beach and save baby sea turtles, feed, maintain and entertain animals living under the shelters programs like Turtle Conservation Supporter, Animal Rescue Centre Supporter or Leatherback Turtle Conservation.


The fourth largest island on the Earth, Madagascar is a wonderful place to volunteer for wildlife and marine life lovers. Get a chance to discover the extensive areas of the red island and explore the unique ecosystems. No other place is home to such a diverse blend of species. Record, research and work on sustaining marine life, which is as important to the survival of our oceans as water is for all living creatures. Volunteer abroad in programs like Marine Conservation and Diving and Marine Conservation and Sailing and save the beautiful lemur species. You can also learn a lot surveying the biodiversity of this area including reptiles, mammals and amphibians in the surrounding forest in projects like Wildlife Research and Conservation.

Top 5 Animal Welfare Countries


One of the most popular travel destinations of the world, famous for its cheap treats and tropical beaches Thailand is one of the best places to volunteer abroad. About 2000 species of elephants left in the jungles of Thailand, this Asian country is most popular for elephant conservation volunteering projects. With the banning of logging industry, countless elephants were abandoned in the streets and mistreated by tourists.

Top 5 Animal Welfare Countries

Join hands with projects like Elephant Sanctuary and Community Immersion to rehabilitate the domesticated elephants back to their natural habitat. Thailand has a variety of other programs like Wildlife Sanctuary volunteering and Diving and marine conservation for people passionate about marine and wildlife conservation.

Sri Lanka

Over 2000 years of chronicled civilizations, Sri Lanka is small island with a beautiful natural display of beauty and captivating culture and a variety of ethnic groups, languages and cultures. Sri lanka provides volunteers a variation of programs from marine conservation to wildlife sanctuaries. Work with the disabled and retired elephants at the Elephant Caretaker and Elephant and wildlife conservation programs or help rehabilitate turtles and work for community building programs with Turtle conservation project.

Top 5 Animal Welfare Countries

Volunteering abroad with animals and bring recognition to endangered and mistreated species and ecosystems worldwide. Explore and find the best match of your passion and destination and volunteer now to make a difference.