As kitchens are one of the most trafficked areas in the house, they are prone to makeovers. On the other hand, all great parties end up in the kitchen, which is another reason why having a stylish kitchen is a must. You can make a complete makeover, but changing one aspect is a more feasible option. Here is the list of five most inspiring ideas for kitchen remodelling.


We are all familiar with numerous advantages of ceramic tiles and vinyl, when it comes to kitchen flooring. Are there any other options? Of course, there are. An elegant vintage kitchen with the white walls and cabinets goes well together with natural stone flooring. Every piece of stone has different colour, pattern and texture, so uniqueness is guaranteed. The solid wood floor brings warmth to any kitchen. Yes, you may be more careful with this flooring, but with proper maintenance it can last you a lifetime. The eco-friendly options such as bamboo and cork are not to be underestimated either.

5 Inspiring Ideas for Modern Kitchen Makeover

Transitional Kitchen by Manchester UK Kitchen Designers & Remodelers Tom Howley Kitchens

Kitchen Island

It goes without saying that you can visit a store and buy a kitchen island you like the most, but do know that kitchen island can be anything, from a cabinet to a regular table. Repurposing is what will make your kitchen makeover original and innovative.

Convert a vintage cabinet into a kitchen island by adding a marble countertop. An old dresser with the drawers makes a wonderful island, as well. However, make sure you add new legs to increase the height of the island. Any open shelf with a top makes a practical kitchen island as you have a multi-purpose storage space. Finally, a repurposed wood-crate-turned-kitchen-island gives a rustic feel to the kitchen.

5 Inspiring Ideas for Modern Kitchen Makeover

Traditional Kitchen by Madison Kitchen & Bath Designers Kuche+Cucina


A great way to dress up an old, or new sink is a stylish faucet. In a recent chat with reputed plumbers from Hazlet, it was brought to my attention that, when choosing a faucet, we should think about practicality and opt for a raised faucet so that we can easily clean large pots and fill vases and other tall pots. A pull-out spray wand can be additional and extremely useful feature, for watering plants in the kitchen, for example. Water-efficient faucets, which use less water without sacrificing the performance are the future of kitchen design.

5 Inspiring Ideas for Modern Kitchen Makeover

Traditional Kitchen by Flemington Architects & Building Designers Pickell Architecture


A statement backsplash can easily become a focal point of the kitchen. You may not need to renovate anything else, but a backsplash and you will get a completely new kitchen. A brick backsplash together with wrought-iron chandeliers has a homey feel any kitchen is in a need of. A dramatic kitchen with the black cabinets lends itself to being decorated with a black and silver tile backsplash. On the other hand, white walls, white cabinets and a white kitchen island combined with turquoise backsplash is perfect for a beach house kitchen. Match a backsplash and an island countertop using marble for a classic look.

5 Inspiring Ideas for Modern Kitchen Makeover

Transitional Kitchen by Ottawa Kitchen & Bath Designers Colin Andrew Meredith

Kitchen Rug

They say that only the bravest ones have a kitchen rug. Grease, crumbs and spills can just make your life a living hell anywhere, especially in the kitchen. If you want to enhance the look of your kitchen with a rug, opt for a small, durable and washable rug with a non-slipping backing. Whether you want to add colour in an otherwise neutral-toned kitchen, or you just want to provide yourself with cushioning when you spend hours in the kitchen, a rug is not a taboo any more.

5 Inspiring Ideas for Modern Kitchen Makeover

Contemporary Kitchen by Boulder Design-Build Firms Melton Design Build

In conclusion, do not shy away from pushing past from your comfort zone. Experiment with wooden crates, bamboo rugs, a Turkish kilim, cork flooring, etc. Everything you add/replace in the kitchen should be a statement piece contributing to the overall design of the room.