Maryland is among the most exciting U.S. states to visit for several reasons. This waterfront state has activities for travelers of all ages.

But, if you’ve never been there before, deciding where to start can be confusing. After all, those on short vacations may not have enough time to visit every important place in the state.

Here, we take you through the 5 most interesting places you can visit in this Mid-Atlantic state. Happy surfing!

Deep Creek Lake

This freshwater lake is one of the best attractions in the state. It’s man-made and covers almost 4000 acres. Visiting this lake is ideal for those fond of outdoor activities. The best time to visit this lake is around summertime. After all, Maryland has some great adventures in store for those visiting during this season.

5 Interesting Places to Visit in Maryland

The weather here isn’t humid or damp, making it perfect for fishing and other activities. The highlight of the lake is the Deep Creek Lake State Park built around it. Established over 70 years ago, this park boasts some great activities for families.

It covers almost 2000 acres and has various attractions. These attractions include 2 swimming beaches and a mile-long coastline. The best feature of this park is it offers year-long activities. If you prefer land-based activities, you can hike in the park or go biking.

The year-long activities are great because the lake gets pretty cold in winter. Temperatures drop and the lake freezes over. Also, snow covers the shoreline making it ideal for snowmobiling. Those who’d rather enjoy the lake can spend their time ice fishing instead.

5 Interesting Places to Visit in Maryland

There are hotels and holiday rentals available if you’re planning to stay for more than a day. If you want to avoid hordes of travelers, the best time to visit is spring or early autumn. These times are best for hiking and visiting surrounding attractions.

St. Michael’s Harbor

Often named among the best small coastal towns, St. Michael’s is a great place to visit. Located on Maryland’s Eastern shore, this town offers vacationers some interesting attractions.

Those interested in history will find this town fascinating. Some of its buildings are over 300 years old. Also, the harbor dates back to the 1600s, which makes it a great historical site. The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum includes exhibits from St. Michael’s harbor.

5 Interesting Places to Visit in Maryland

These exhibits showcase the history and culture of the area. It also allows visitors access to educational resources about local history. But, this town isn’t great for cultural enrichment alone. It also has facilities for fun and relaxation.

Reputed St. Michael’s hotels in Maryland offer users a holistic vacation. These hotels offer vacationers rejuvenating activities. There are facilities for sports, fishing, etc. The best hotels also offer users premium spas for customers to relax and unwind.

5 Interesting Places to Visit in Maryland

St. Michael’s is an ideal place for sampling local Maryland cuisine. This town has popular restaurants serving diners fresh seafood. Everything from bistros to restaurants is present in this charming harbor. You’ll also find boutiques offering apparel, interior décor, and more.

Ellicott City

This beautiful history community is pretty close to Baltimore. So, traveling to and fro from the city is convenient.

Those interested in history will love that this city has the oldest remaining train station in the country. This station is almost 200 years old and you can visit it at the B&O Ellicott City Station Museum.

5 Interesting Places to Visit in Maryland

We considered Ellicott City an interesting place to visit because of its diversity. You’ll find everything from farms to art galleries in this community. There’s also a large park called Centennial Park surrounding the lake. You’ll find several people fishing in the lake all year round.

Trout, bass, and other popular fish populate the lake, which makes it a ripe fishing ground. The park also has a boat ramp and walking trails. The city also has antique shops and specialty restaurants. Everything from local to Mexican cuisine is available at these restaurants.

5 Interesting Places to Visit in Maryland

Cambridge Shore City

This city is among the oldest in the state and has great historical significance. After all, some noteworthy civil rights movements took place here. Today, this city hosts travelers every year thanks to its many attractions. The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is chief among these attractions.

Established almost 100 years ago, this park covers a breath-taking 28,000 acres of area. Included in this area are wetlands, forest habitats, etc. So, this refuge offers visitors various landscapes to explore. The main purpose of this refuge today is to act as a bird sanctuary.

5 Interesting Places to Visit in Maryland

David Wilson, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can learn about over 200 bird species at this sanctuary. These species include endangered and rare species. If you find history more interesting than wildlife, there are alternatives available.

You could visit the Harriet Tubman Museum and Educational Center. This museum honors the humanitarian Harriet Tubman and showcases her life.

There’s also a historic Christ Episcopal Church located in Cambridge. The beautiful gothic architecture of the church pulls in tourists every year.

5 Interesting Places to Visit in Maryland

As for food, Cambridge boasts some of the best restaurants in the state. These restaurants serve up delicious crab cakes, calamari, and other seafood fares.

There are premium hotels in the area for those planning a long stay to soak in its tranquility.

Assateague Seashore Island

This island features the only oceanfront park in Maryland. The park features 2 miles of ocean beaches. These beaches are ideal for various activities like surfing and swimming. If you don’t prefer either, there are other options available at the park.

5 Interesting Places to Visit in Maryland

For instance, you could explore its coves or go kayaking instead. You could even explore the local wildlife. This wildlife includes deer and the island’s main attraction, feral horses. There are hundreds of wild ponies residing on the island.

The park offers great spaces for camping. But, if you prefer to stay in a hotel, you can find one in Berlin nearby.

5 Interesting Places to Visit in Maryland

The island is fascinating because it has everything from beaches to maritime forests. You’ll see wild horses roaming along the beach here. There’s also a large lighthouse on the way to the beach which is pretty famous.

Assateague Island is the perfect destination to explore a preserved ecosystem. The local authorities governing the island ensure its flora and fauna receive attention.

The Final Word

These places in Maryland are worth visiting regardless of whether you’re on a short or long vacation.

You can unwind and rejuvenate yourself at our selection of places around the state. Vacationing in Maryland is convenient because it offers you various accommodation options.

Large camping sites and sophisticated hotels alike are present in this beautiful state. No wonder they call it ‘Little America’!