The ability to work from home means that you can find the home just about anywhere. If you are ready to relocate and want to find the cheapest rent possible, as well as taking advantage of tax breaks for renters, check out the options below.

Lots of Options in the South

Of the ten cheapest places to rent a one-bedroom as of February 2021, eight of them are south of the Mason Dixon line and three of them are in Louisiana.

If you can handle hot weather and never want to see another snowflake again, you may be in luck. College towns like Pineville, LA offer sports fans a great place to live well for less and enjoy the LSU Tigers just an hour and a half away. Of course, you can also catch the Wildcats at Louisiana College.

Affordable Apartment Rental Areas in the U.S

Other cities in Louisiana include

  • Leesville and
  • Brusly, a suburb of Baton Rouge

If you don’t care for the heat, check out Marion, Indiana for great basketball and a gorgeous downtown. Finally, fans of the cold will enjoy time in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. Be aware that both Indiana and Minnesota offer renters tax credit. You will need to make sure that your landlord provides you with a Certificate of this data by 1/31 in the state of Minnesota to get your credit, but the benefits can be substantial over time.

Focus on Texas

While the major metropolitan areas of Texas, such as Dallas and Houston, can be expensive, you can find affordable apartments in Austin TX, and in Greenville, a suburb of Dallas.

Affordable Apartment Rental Areas in the U.S

The burbs around Dallas have a lot to offer those in the area. If you need to travel into the city, you can park and take the DART. It is also possible to skip the busy downtown altogether and enjoy a lovely life within the cities that ring the Dallas Metro. From the Splash Kingdom Waterpark of Greenville to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum of Addison, you can find great entertainment around the region.

In addition, the state of Texas has no income tax. If you are freelancing or working hard on a side hustle, you can enjoy a great life and a lower tax bill as you strive to make your mark.

For Those Who Enjoy a Bigger City

If you like a larger city or access to a bigger metro area, Allentown, PA may be the spot for you. While the median rent for a one-bedroom in this city is more than those noted above, you will be able to get to New York or Philadelphia fairly quickly and the bus and trains will make transportation easier. If you need your rent to stay under $800 a month, be aware that it is a good idea to either

  • look for cities with a population of fewer than 50,000 people
  • check out towns with at least one college
  • look for a bigger place and a roommate

Affordable Apartment Rental Areas in the U.S

While the south is cheaper in general and the coasts are more costly, the east coast may be a better deal for renters. In many states on the east coast, you can get by without a car. In the western states, you are more likely to require a vehicle.

Consider Your Income

Your income sources can make a huge difference in finding the best places to rent. For example, an apartment in the city of Pascagoula, Mississippi means that you get to enjoy

  • gorgeous beaches
  • multiple parks and boat launches
  • interesting culture
  • great golf

Affordable Apartment Rental Areas in the U.S

Even better, if you are retired and living off savings, a pension, and social security, your personal income taxes will be $0.00. This city is easy to drive in, loaded with great seafood and quality restaurants, and a great place to put down some roots if you plan to eventually buy a home.

Cheap apartments are nice, but finding a livable city is key to staying engaged and happy in your new home. If your income is low because you are starting over, building a business, or retiring from the working world, the south may be a better option for you than other regions.