Everyone loves to travel. It could be around your city or it could be to another continent entirely. Travel is good for the soul, for your outlook, and for your understanding of the world. Memory, however, is frail. That is why to make the most of your travels you need to document them extensively, and since you’ve already put in the effort, you might as well share your travels! For the chance to turn your documented memories into a potential source of income, follow these easy steps:

Capture the Moment

There are so many ways that you can capture the moment with today’s technology. You can take photos, videos, time lapses, and more right on your smartphone. If you truly want to take your content to another level, however, you need to invest in a bit more equipment. Things that you’ll need are audio recording devices so that you and those you are with have an audio recording to go with your video. You might also consider getting a stabilizer to take better video, a tripod or grip to take better photos, and extra batteries to keep you going.

First time on the east coast, chasing colors with @chelseakauai this week ????????

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This equipment can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be, and it all depends on your budget and how much you can carry with you on your travels. The main point is to have the ability to take great content and to always be ready to capture important moments between you and your friends.

Edit it Together

You need to capture your travels for your own memory, but if you want to be able to share (or even go through your memories more comfortably) you will need to edit things together. This means editing the footage into a cohesive story, and it means turning your photos into masterpieces. You can even combine photos together in this free collage maker, so that you can share your travels with your friends without spamming their feeds.

Rely on Multiple Media

If you want to truly tell your story, you need to use a multi-media approach. This means using photos, images, and written narratives to tell your story abroad. The more concise and complete your story, the better it will be to share online and even attract a large enough fan base that you can start to make money from your travels.

A good way to do this is to not post while you are travelling, but to post after you have gone through all the content and have produced a compelling story. It is a lot easier to get people to subscribe to a completed narrative than it is to get them to join you on your travels. Not only that, but it is much safer to post your travels after you are already home safe.

[1 of 2] I was chosen as the only delegate from the USA to #partner with @amarula_official in order to bring you the story of #DontLetThemDisappear ???? I’ve had several followers message publicly or privately asking, “I thought #Amarula was a South African product so why are you in Kenya?” We are here because the African Elephant is the symbol of the brand but they are in danger of disappearing within our lifetime due to illegal poaching driven by demand for ivory worldwide but particularly in Asian countries such as China & Vietnam. Yet in Kenya there is more being done to reverse that threat, and to save the #AfricanElephant, than anywhere else. In Amboseli National Park, that work takes many forms. I think the most touching of which is that every single Elephant has a name like @Oprah, Pissarro, Paris or Tim. The belief is that we care more deeply about that which is named than that which is not. (A belief I agree with!) Legislation has also been passed in Kenya, the toughest in Africa, that makes it far less appealing for poachers to continue trafficking. All these efforts work together to ensure that future generations will always be able observe elephants here in Amboseli but more needs to be done throughout Africa & the world – that’s where Amarula, which is #MadeFromAfrica, comes in! ???? of me by @truthslinger ???????? all others by me

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The key to success is to produce great content. To capture this great content, you need to be hyper aware of what is around you. Take in the sights, sounds, and experiences that your travels have to offer. Once you have the content, edit through it so that you can create a compelling, multi-media story that you can then share with your friends, family, and new fans.