Wood paneling has made a strong impression since the mid-20th century, and then went out of vogue for years. It has picked up interest since the last decade. Wood wall paneling with bright, sleek colors have replaced traditional textures.

Whether you’ve decided to install wall panels or considering them for interior decor, consider these five ways to improve your space in a big way.

Cover your Wall’s Imperfections

Instead of replacing your walls with new ones to hide the imperfections ranging from scratches, thumbprints or stains you can adapt new methods of wood wall paneling. These wood panels are the easiest and the fastest solutions to cover up your wall imperfections without spending significant amount on wall repairs. Wood wall paneling requires minimal maintenance, are durable to all conditions and can resist wear and tear too.

5 Modern Ways to Use Wood Paneling

Photo by Schanstra Design Group

Get High customized three-dimensional geometry

The other feature of Wood paneling consists of three-dimensional geometry style designs. You get to implement some funky styles with a trend of modernization to give a geometric home feature. Depending upon room sizes, you can choose large square panels or opt for narrow or small and simply raise the main backdrop to give a collage effect to your walls.

5 Modern Ways to Use Wood Paneling

Photo by Soelberg Industries

Improve Your Acoustics

Wood wall paneling also has some properties that can enhance the acoustics of your space. It absorbs the sound of the environment and prevents its transfer from one room to another. The effect of sound proof quality varies from the material and the thickness of wood wall panels you implement in your rooms. The high-end insulating properties of wood panels can also give advanced acoustic experience.

5 Modern Ways to Use Wood Paneling

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Easy to implement segmented spaces

In a modern home it has become essential to incorporate wood wall panel as it broadens the look of spaces by creating a sudden change in texture and generating a visual interest for the walls. Surrounded by white walls the wood wall paneling acts as a visual barrier to the space thus making it look more modern. This is a unique way to separate different spaces in the open-concept areas.

5 Modern Ways to Use Wood Paneling

Photo by Lynn Gaffney Architect, PLLC

Convert your Unused Rooms and make it Livable

Wood wall Paneling can be a big asset to your homes if you want to convert your unused area in your living space. These panels are easy to install in virtually any room of your house whether it is your unfurnished basement or your store room. The latest wood wall panels are designed specially to adapt any damp environments with high-end insulating properties.

5 Modern Ways to Use Wood Paneling

Photo by Studio Schicketanz

Add these wood wall panels to your home to give a bright and sleek look and make it a popular, modern home.