Summer holidays are fast approaching and so now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you’re going to pack! We’ve put a focus on choosing things you can wear many times over your holiday rather than just once, so if you are short on luggage space, you’re keeping things to a minimum. So, let’s find out your staples to pack for your summer holiday!

Denim Shorts

First up we have an absolute essential, denim shorts! This is one of the most diverse pieces you can take away with you, as you can literally wear them for anything. Throw them on when you’re heading to the beach with your bikini. Add a cute floaty top to go and explore the local markets. Pair with a crop top for lunch at the local beach club or style up with a dressy top for a night out. Your options are endless with a pair of denim shorts in your suitcase, which is why they’re first on our list.

5 Must Have Staples To Pack For Your Summer Holiday


Next up we have an essential accessory, espadrilles! These are such a great shoe to take abroad as again, you can wear them for anything. Go for a nude, white or black pair to make sure they’ll go with all of your outfits and you’ll be good to go for your whole holiday, saving so much packing space. You might just need a pair of flip flops as well to wear down to the beach.

5 Must Have Staples To Pack For Your Summer Holiday

The beauty of espadrilles is they go with everything, from jeans to skirts and dresses to shorts! You can wear them to the airport to save been more space and have the perfect shoe on hand at all times.

A White Summer Dress

Another essential is a white summer dress. Again, this piece can be worn no matter where you are going, from beach clubs to lovely dinners and nights out. You can dress it up with accessories or dress it down to make it more casual. You can customise this so easily to suit your personal style, from white mini dresses to going out dresses and Bardot styles to long sleeve styles. Your dressier daytimes or any evening is sorted when you pack a white summer dress.

5 Must Have Staples To Pack For Your Summer Holiday

A White Shacket

Our next essential is a white shacket! You might not need this if you are going somewhere that is really hot in the evenings, but most places will drop in temperature slightly later in the day and the last thing you want is to have to go home because you’re too cold! So, wear a white shacket on the plane and you will have an extra layer if you need it for your time away. Shacket are great choices to take away as they will give you that bit of warmth you need without taking away from your stunning summer outfits.

5 Must Have Staples To Pack For Your Summer Holiday


Last but not least, we have a must have for any holiday abroad, sunglasses! As well as obviously being practical, sunglasses add such a gorgeous finish to any outfit, so are an essential in our opinion to have in your suitcase. Make sure you have a pair that protects your eyes from the sun, so you’ll be squint free and keep your eyes safe.

5 Must Have Staples To Pack For Your Summer Holiday

Final Thoughts

It’s never too early to be organised and start shopping so everything isn’t left to the last minute. Make sure you pack these essentials and you’ll have just what you need to look and feel amazing on your holiday.