Planning a business trip? Luxury vacation? Just looking to get away for a week? Whatever the case, your mind is likely fluttered with the ten million tasks you need to get done before you leave. While packing doesn’t sound like a big deal at the time, chances are: you’re going to forget something.

Everyone is different in terms of what they take with them on a business or pleasure trip, however, there are some essential items that you must never forget. So keep this article in your bookmarks for a quick checklist of items you should try not to forget.

The 8 Items Every Traveler Will Forget to Pack (At Least) Once

Dress Clothes

It goes without saying that you’ll need to dress up at some point. Dinner, dance, or a meeting! So, take your best attire along for the trip. Remember, when you look good you will feel good. And when you feel good, you’re going to feel confident all day.

Casual Clothes

Even if you’re traveling for business and you spend most your trip in business meetings and with clients or prospects, there could come a time when you want to “let your hair down.” This is why you need to take casual clothes along with you as well. You can wear these clothes when entertaining clients, such as in a casino setting or at a ball game.

The 8 Items Every Traveler Will Forget to Pack (At Least) Once

Casual clothes should be more comfortable than your business attire, but you want to make sure you still look good. Especially if your destination has a beach- you can never have enough comfortable and cool clothes!

Bathing Suit

This is one of those things you don’t think you need, until you see just how luxurious the swimming pool is at your hotel. Unless you’re an avid swimmer and already spend a fair amount of time in the pool. In which case, make sure you can pack it!

The 8 Items Every Traveler Will Forget to Pack (At Least) Once

Even if you don’t think you will have time for a swim or a soak, you should still pack your bathing suit. If you don’t, you may end up regretting this decision when you find yourself with a few free hours.

Cell Phone

Let’s face it: most business travelers rely on their cell phone for everything from checking in with coworkers to reading email to communicating with their family. If you leave your cell phone at home, it goes without saying that you will feel lost during your entire trip.

The 8 Items Every Traveler Will Forget to Pack (At Least) Once

More importantly, a cell phone helps you stay safe during the course of your trip and you absolutely need by your side at all times. Make it a habit to stick your phone in your pocket before leaving your home or office.

Tip: don’t forget your phone charger, as you will use this day after day.


There is no denying the fact that you can rely on your smartphone to handle many of your most important day to day activities. Even so, a laptop gives you more power and flexibility. For example, you may need your laptop in order to give a presentation. Or maybe you need your laptop so you can check and respond to email in a more efficient manner.

The 8 Items Every Traveler Will Forget to Pack (At Least) Once

Tip: be sure to protect your laptop at all times, as you don’t want to risk any damage during your trip.

Personal Care Items

Is there anything worse than showing up at your hotel, just to find that you don’t have your toothbrush, deodorant, or mouthwash? As frustrating as this may be, there are a few things you can do to combat this oversight. First off, contact the front desk at your hotel to see if they can help. If this doesn’t work for you, find a local store that has personal care items in stock.

The 8 Items Every Traveler Will Forget to Pack (At Least) Once

Tip: you can use a website, such as Expedia, to get a better idea of the type of service provided by each hotel you’re considering. For instance, if you want to book a Berlin hotel, you’ll want to gravitate toward those with good customer service. This way, if you do forget something, you know that help is only a phone call away.

Comfortable Shoes

You never want to wear uncomfortable shoes when traveling. This is particularly true if you’re making your way through an airport or walking a long distance to get to a meeting. Do yourself a favor and pack your most comfortable shoes. As long as these look the part, you’ll feel good, both mentally and physically, when your feet hit the pavement.

The 8 Items Every Traveler Will Forget to Pack (At Least) Once

Workout Gear

Are you the type of person who enjoys a good workout when traveling for business? Or simple the adventurer who wants to hike foreign mountains? Bring a few pairs of workout clothing.

The 8 Items Every Traveler Will Forget to Pack (At Least) Once

Tip: book a hotel with an on-site gym. By making this move, you never have to worry about finding somewhere else to workout. You can hit the gym morning, noon, or night.


As you travel more often, you’ll find it easier to pack appropriately (without forgetting anything).

The 8 Items Every Traveler Will Forget to Pack (At Least) Once

Final tip: make a checklist of items that you need to take on your trip. As you pack, cross these items off the list. This is the best way to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

What items do you consider essential when traveling? Have you ever forgot to pack one of these items in the past? What did you do to remedy the situation? If you have any special tips or advice, share your feedback in the comment section below. You never know when you can help another traveler avoid a messy situation.