With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, many of us have had to put our summer travel plans on indefinite hold. Spending long hours in airconditioned airplane cabins with strangers is both riskier and costlier than ever before. However, if you still feel the call of the open road and undiscovered places, however, there are still options for you! One of which is renting or buying an affordable RV (recreational vehicle).

In the last few years, RV travel has resurged in popularity. This is because of its affordability and versatility.

If you want to travel with style and convenience, here are 5 reasons you should rent an RV for your road trips:


Plane tickets, hotels, expensive restaurants…the costs for your average vacation can really add up. With an RV, however, you can skip many of these expenses.

How much money you save depends on how you plan your trip. But staying at RV resorts, buying groceries, and cooking your own meals will definitely be kinder on your pocketbook than a conventional vacation would be. Lower gas mileage can be a cost concern with an RV, but savings elsewhere more than makeup for it.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent An RV For Your Long Road Trips

Additionally, finding affordable RV rentals can help keep your wallet happy as it can help save money on planning an unforgettable vacation!


A road trip with an RV lets you bring the comfort of home along with you since you’re not restricted by carry-on weight limits. Hence, you can bring a favorite book, a favorite blanket, or even the family dog. Assuming you aren’t behind the wheel, you can cozy up in the back and relax while en route to the next destination. You can even enjoy a drink or a nap on the way!

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent An RV For Your Long Road Trips

Depending on how many passengers are along for the trip, there are a number of different models of RV you can choose from for your road trip. A traveling couple can make do with a small trailer, but if you plan to bring the kids (and even pets!) along, you might want to go for a roomier option.

Many RV models contain all the amenities of a small home–from a kitchen to a bathroom and various sleeping surfaces.


The sky’s the limit when planning an RV road trip. RV rentals give you a space you can personalize to your preferences and the freedom to improvise as you travel.

If you decide to take the scenic route, the flexibility that RVs offer will help support spontaneity. On longer road trips, you have the option to stop and check out sites that you might have just flown by otherwise.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent An RV For Your Long Road Trips

Also, if you plan to be on the road for a long time, you can always take your work with you! Simply set up a wi-fi hotspot within your camper and you’ll be able to get stuff done (or surf the web) as you travel. You might be tempted to take the road for good as a digital nomad.

Perfect For Social Distancing

Traveling in the COVID-era poses a risk to your wallet. Unfortunately, it has become more difficult to find a safe way to enjoy your precious vacation time.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent An RV For Your Long Road Trips

Fortunately, RV camping is a practical solution to the problem of how to travel while maintaining social distance. With your own space to cook, eat, and wash up, you won’t have to worry about the nightmare of shared spaces offered by flights or cruise ships. With an RV, you can enjoy the privacy of your own home and the wide-open skies of nature in one vacation!

Connect With Nature And Each Other

With so many wondrous natural sights to check out, an RV road trip is never dull, no matter the direction you decide to head in. If one spot isn’t quite what you were looking for, drive on. But if a beautiful lookout point catches your eye, park your RV, and enjoy the view.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent An RV For Your Long Road Trips

No other form of travel lets you really camp in style as RVing does. Plus, if the family is along for the ride, you’ll have the perfect chance to spend quality time with each other and make road trip memories that’ll last a lifetime.


While RVs have been coming back in style, they may still seem like a novel idea for travel. But by offering the best in comfort, flexibility, and affordability, RVs offer the chance for unforgettable road trips.

Take your friends and family along, pack your favorite belongings, and hit the road for a safe, fun-filled, and sun-soaked vacation.